Book Critique: The Forgotten (Krewe of Hunters # 16)

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Stars: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: Yes, pick it up for a mystery involving paranormal elements, historical flair and the romantic side of the plot.

The Forgotten is the sixteenth book in the Krewe of Hunters series by Heather Graham and published in July of 2015.  The plot is centered around Brett Cody - FBI Agent - and Lara Mayhew - working at the dolphin research facility. The plot is set in Miami, FL, 3 weeks after the events of the previous book, The Silenced.

This forms the second book in the third trilogy within the series - first book being the previous book The Silenced. Although not mentioned exclusively, I consider them as a trilogy as the characters kind of flow from one book to the next keeping the continuity. First trilogy consisted of the ninth book The Night is Watching; the tenth book The Night is Alive; the eleventh book The Night is Forever. Second trilogy consisted of the 12th book The Cursed, 13th book the Hexed and 14th book The Betrayed.

Krewe are a secret FBI unit with each member of the unit honing a particular psychic talent of their own, making them the paranormal investigating team. This unit was created to deal with murders having supernatural undertones and paranormal activities. Headed by paranormal investigator Adam Harrison, this elite unit is called on to solve cases linked to historical mystery involving legendary crime and serial killings, war events and hauntings. The Krewe are divided into three distinct groups. The first group is led by Jackson Crow, who is also the Assistant Director of the Krewe, and called as the original Krewe of Hunters; the second group is led by Texas Ranger Logan Raintree and called as the Texas Krewe; the third group is Yankee Krewe, based in NYC, overseen by Jackson Crow.

We met Lara Mayhew in the previous book, The Silenced. In essence, that plot was centrally focused on rescuing Lara. At the end of that plot, Heather Graham sends Lara Mayhew to Miami, FL to work at a dolphin research facility in Miami, FL. With her being such a strong psychic I wondered if Heather Graham would spin a story for her. Just as I suspected, she has the immediate book set for Lara Mayhew.

After going through a horrendous near-death experience, Lara Mayhew moves to Miami, FL to work at the Sea Life Center with dolphins and researching around them. And then one day one of her dolphins brings her back a human finger from the bottom of the lagoon she works at. 

FBI Special Agent Brett Cody is assigned the murder of Maria Gomez, who was being protected by the agency, since her husband had turned informant against the local mafia and was killed in the process. Now body parts are being found all over the lagoon and Agent Cody and Lara have to work together to unravel this mystery.

This being a kind of sequel to the previous book, I would have expected FBI Special Agents Matt Bosworth and Meg Murray definitely to be involved. In this we see that Matt and Meg are engaged to be married soon. A bit more of FBI Special Agent Diego McCullough is shown making me believe he might become a primary character soon.

Heather Graham describes FBI Agent Diego McCullough as looking like Mandy Patinkin in the 1987 American romantic fantasy comedy film, The Princess Bride. I have seen this film and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, whenever I think of Mandy Patinkin, I remember him more as FBI agent Jason Gideon in the hit TV show Criminal Minds.

I see a pattern to Heather Graham's stories in the Harrison Investigations and Krewe of Hunters series, apart from the presence of ghosts and spirits. Usually the stories revolve around historical inferences, somehow connecting the past to the present either by way of characters or incidents and they involve hidden tunnels be it in cemetery or old houses or mortuaries. Always has one new pair of Krewe of Hunters or Harrison Investigations investigators. I wonder if Heather will add a third twist to the plot. 

As always there is historical and paranormal references from past are given to the reader with artifacts, events and places. This time the tales revolve around zombies and voodoo with real facts - Mike the headless chicken in 1945, Miami Cannibal Attack in 2012. And she also takes the readers into the world of big corporations doing scientific experiments on animals. 

Somewhere around the 15th chapter, I think I guessed who the killer was. But again Heather Graham surprised with the twists making the killer altogether someone else than what as a reader I had anticipated.

This book again had the hard-card inserts where it gave reader an opportunity to either join a book club and win books, or buy a book and get a few free. It is just impressive to see them still. Yet, again there are so many grammatical and character errors seen in this edition. I wonder if whoever edits or proof-reads her books, is efficient enough.

A very good mingle of murder and mystery; past and present;  zombies and voodoo; and above all romance and love. Another successful thriller in the series of books under Krewe of Hunters by Heather Graham that is an easy ready and still enjoyable. A tale that captures one easily till the end.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. Other characters we see in this plot, that have strong psychic and paranormal abilities: I am hoping Heather Graham will have a plot for them in subsequent books - The Medical Examiner, Dr. Phil Kinny; FBI Special Agent Diego McCullough;

b. Brett Cody gets an offer to join Krewe of Hunters but he declines, with the option open to join further. I am still going to put him under Team One for now. 

2. Sub Plots:

a. In eleventh book, The Night Is Forever, Dustin Blake was part of an FBI team consisting of Grant Shelby, Cindy Greenstreet and Jerry Gunter. I am wondering why Heather Graham had mentioned their complete names as well as a brief intro, albeit as part of the conversation. Will they resurface in future plots is something we have to wait and see.

b. Dustin Blake has a sister Rayna Blake who is a Nashville sensation - a country music singer. I wonder if Heather Graham will use her as a lead character in a future book.

c. Katie O'Hara and David Beckett are two characters in The Cursed plot. And a history into their background paused me to think they might be characters from another of Heather Graham book. I was pretty sure they weren't from Krewe of Hunters or Harrison Investigation series. A little dig on google pointed me to Ghost Shadow, the first book in Bone Island Series by Heather Graham published in 2010. Having not yet read that series, I am curious if Hannah O'Brien or Liam Beckett, David's brother, appear in that book as well. 

d. Jane Everett and Sloan Trent were part of Team Two: Texas Krewe. But in The Betrayed, Heather mentions that they were going to be permanent members of the Yankee Krewe. Have to read the rest of the books to know if that is where she sends them. 

3. Grammatical / Historical / Location / Character Errors:

a. On Pg. 71, Line 12, it should be "…right about Grant…"

b. On Pg. 76, Line 23, it should be "….that Miguel Gomez had…"

c. On Pg. 166, Line 1, it should be "…you to arrange for us…"

d. On Pg. 182, Line 9, it should be "…take water, though…"

e. On Pg. 183, Line 9, it should be "…wound up being…"

f. On Pg. 287, Line 2, it should be "…people no one would…"


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