Book Critique - The Hit (Will Robie Series # 2)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Political thriller with all elements involving governments, secrets and plots that could topple thrones - successful recipe to lure the readers into the world the author creates with these elements. 

The Hit is the second book in the Will Robie Series by David Baldacci originally published in April of 2013. The series continues with Will Robie's missions, but this time around he is assigned to hunt someone who is exactly like him in every way. A mission that could go dangerous any second.

Will Robie is a highly trained U. S. Government Assassin working for CIA who is sent out in covert operations usually to take somebody out, more precisely someone who is an enemy to United States in any manner. He works solo taking up hard to difficult assignments in making United States and the world a better place in the only way they can. These are his stories in this series by David Baldacci.

Will Robie is assigned to hunt one of his own, an assassin who had gone rogue - Jessica Elsye Reel. However, he has his doubts as to why someone like Jessica would turn. As he gets deeper into his missions, he gets sucked into Jessica's reasons. But, will he get turned and go rogue or uncover the truth? Even at the cost of his life?

Although the plots revolve around CIA and its agents and missions, Baldacci doesn’t explicitly name it in the first book. However, in this plot he finally references to the CIA more than once, specifically to the Special Activities Division that Robie and Reel belong to, confirming to the readers.

There is continuity of the characters and scenes present in this plot from previous one - FBI Special Agent Nicole "Nikki" Vance, the 14 year old Julie Getty whom Will Robie had saved and references to the events from the previous book The Hit

Baldacci pits two alpha characters, who are exactly like each other not just in the work life but in personal life as well, against each other, throwing every odd ball at them, putting them in situations that test them on every level. It was interesting to see how the characters act and react. 

It was a bit disappointing to see repeat paraphrasing by such an accomplished author. Same tale being told again and again either by same characters or different characters relaying / replaying it back. Some of them could have been avoided. 

Having already read the third book, The Target, I could guess what the outcome of this book would be. However, a lot of questions that I had about the characters while reading The Target, got answered here. Specially the fact about unfinished business between the head of the CIA - Evan Tucker, Will Robie and Jessica Reel; hit on Ferat Ahmadi in Syria

It still bugged me a bit how United States looks at every other country as a threat to them. As someone quoted that "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", every mission that US thought of as an enemy could be the other side fighting for their existence and US was simply meddling there. This thought occurred to me a lot of times when I listen to current affairs, but I just a small little voice in my head.

Again we read a lot of Jessica Reel's background, but Will Robie remains a constant mystery, layers shrouding around him as each plot proceeds.  A political thriller infused with spies and assassins, secret assignments, attempts to stop or start wars and somewhere in there a little about saving people. 

A successful thriller that is very hard to put down for a reader without finishing it and entertaining enough to consider to pick up the next book in series. A very good read for any day of your life.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Plot Reveals:

a. David Baldacci thanks the cast and crew of "Wish You Well" at the opening credits of this book. I wondered what that was. A quick google search revealed that David Baldacci's 2001 stand-alone novel "Wish You Well" was made into a movie in 2013. That is super amazing. 

b. Blue Man's original name was Roger Walton.

c. A scene from Godfather is enacted in a conversation between Robie and Reel. It reminded me of a recent conversation with my colleagues that Godfather Movie Series is one of the series that I love to watch several times. Time to watch it again I guess. ;)

d. Although this plot explained the reader the past behind the situation with Ferat Ahmadi in Syria, it doesn’t explain who had betrayed Robie and Reel about their mission. Perhaps in a future book will have Baldacci exploring on it.

2) Sub-Plots:

a. In The Innocent, Jerome Cassidy becomes the guardian to Julie Getty, although he is her biological father, he tells her that he is her step-uncle.

b. In The Target, Chang-Chu, assassin for the North Korean Government, rescues a girl - Min - from one of the camps, the penal labor colonies of North Korea.  Will Min reappear in another boo by Baldacci?


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