Book Critique - I've Got My Eyes On You

Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Another thriller from the Queen of Suspense, not necessarily hair-raising or chiller as usual, yet a breezy read for any of those lazy or silent days.

I've Got My Eyes On You is a new thriller by "Queen of Suspense" Mary Higgins Clark published in April of 2018. The primary plot revolves around the murder of 18-year old Kerry Dowling and her older sister, Aline Dowling's determination to find the killer.

One evening when her parents were away, 18-year old Kerry Dowling, was found at the bottom of their family pool. And the only suspect in the case was her boyfriend, Alan Crowley, with whom she had a huge fight the night of the party. Now Aline Dowling, who is working as the guidance counselor at the high school, is determined to work with the detective, Michael Wilson, from the Prosecution's Office to find the killer.

Like all her books lately, Clark has been keeping her tales simple and less hair-raising although she is retaining the flair of mystery and thrill in it. However, it is my humble opinion that she is making them way simpler and simpler. This time around I could guess who the killer was almost half way into the book. Wish it wouldn’t have been that easy.

Clark also brings in her favorite restaurant Nellie's into the plot, this time it is located in Waldwick, NY. And it is called as Nellie's Place, which begs the question if it is the same Nellie's that Clark has her characters visit in NYC. 

Other places of interest that Clark has in her plot are - La Petite Restaurant (but I couldn’t find anything in the Saddle River area), a diner in Westwood, NJ (I am guessing it is Westwood Diner Pancake House as it is the only one listed as situated on Old Hook Road), O'Malley's Irish Pub (Again I didn’t find this anywhere near Saddle River or Westwood in NJ), Etsy Street (It does exist in Park Ridge, NJ).

Two things are definitely unique with this plot - Clark has one of the character's with a Fragile X Syndrome and she puts him in the cross-hairs at times, evoking pity at times from the reader and frustration at other times. Clark also touches on a very sensitive subject involving teachers and students in high school and colleges in general. These two things drove me to read the book and also appreciate the story despite me figuring out the ending.

Clark ties in a bit of romance in her plot, albeit very light tinge. However, that little bit of light had made the plot even more breezier to read. And much to the readers' delight, she included a short interview done by someone at the end of the book regarding the plot and characters and everything about the book.

All in all another thriller from the Queen of Suspense, not necessarily hair-raising or chiller as usual, yet a breezy read for any of those lazy or silent days.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. As always Mary Higgins Clark has titled her book again based on a song. However this time around these lines are part of four different songs sung by four different singers.

a. "I've Got My Eyes on You" (1939 song), a song by Cole Porter, popularized by Frank Sinatra and others

b. "I've Got My Eyes on You," a 1966 song by Sonny Burgess, popularized by Gene Vincent

c. "I've Got My Eyes on You" (1968 song), a song by Les Reed and Jackie Rae, popularized by Ray Conniff and by The Vogues

d. "I've Got My Eyes on You," a 1999 song by J. Aberg and Paul Rein, popularized by Jessica Simpson in her album Sweet Kisses

2. The plot is set in Saddle River, a wealthy community in New Jersey State. The author mentions that Former President Richard Nixon owned a home there towards the end of his life. 

3. The Crowleys like to watch old classics. In one particular scene, Clark has them planning to go to watch Greer Garson's 1942 classic Random Harvest.


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