Book Critique - The Star Queen

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Stars: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: Unique combination of science fiction and romance with the will to fight for peace 

The Star Queen is the second book in the anthology The Only One by Susan Grant and published in May of 2003. The other two authors who contributed to this anthology are Christine Feehan and Susas Squires. The plot is set in a dystopian universe with several worlds trying to survive. This particular story revolves around Romjha B'kah - commander of the raiders on the planet called Sienna - and Taj Sai - the bomb maker of Sienna aiding the raiders in any attack.

After the interstellar government fell and warlords had taken over, the universe went into a war that left several planets and worlds cut off from the rest of the galaxy, trying to survive below ground and be safe from any warlord attacks. Sienna is one such planet that Romjha B'kah commandeers and urges to end the war. With his trusted munitions maker Taj Sai he tries at least to get that peace in his world yet dreaming of big plans.

Taj, very much want the peace but does not want anything to do with the grand plans that Romjha seems to have. Afraid that she would lose him in that plan, she shuns her feelings towards him. Will Romjha gain her trust, win her heart and at the same time achieve his goal of getting interstellar peace ending war is what the rest of the plot surmises to.

Susan Grant has written the plot really well, a lot of meat for such a short novel. Incidentally this is the fifth book in her Star Series, although it is a prequel to the series itself. Having served with United States Air Force I am guessing her novels tend to warrior themed and galaxy sci-fi themed. The scenes describing the planes, pilots, the galaxy are so real that one almost feels them in front of your eyes.

The romance between Romjha and Taj is very electric, although both take a little while to act on it. Susan may have put the plot a very small one, but the time period that she narrates in the plot stretches quite a bit. That is why I wish it could have been a little more than the 100 pages it came with the book. 

One thing however did not get lost on the readers - if you don’t start protecting your planet and respect the universe around, one day we will be part of a much greater war that we cannot heal from as easy as it is plotted here. A powerful message she does manage to translate through the plot.

A unique combination of science fiction with romance and having an agenda of greater good certainly keeps the reader hooked. Another author that I would definitely want to read again, once I complete my pile of books.

An easy read for those lazy lazy days.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. This anthology was released as its own stand-alone book in February of 2017 with a new title - Star Raider. 

b. Jal and Chey as the outsiders to Sienna, Aleq - Taj's former boyfriend, are some of the characters we see in this plot. Knowing this is part of a series, I wonder if these characters recur. Only way to tell is to read the rest of the books - once I finish what I have in my pile. :)

2. Grammatical / Geographical / Location / Character / Historical Errors:

a. On Pg. 182, line 13, there is a repeat "the way".


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