Book Critique - A Perfect Obsession (New York Confidential #2)

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Stars: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: Cop Drama Series mixed with Psychology, Romance, Irish Pub History, Family Matters and of course the crazy killers - all elements perfect for a Heather Graham mystery with the infamous law & order type theme.

A Perfect Obsession is the second book in the New York Confidential series by Heather Graham published in March of 2017. The series revolves around the Finnegan family and FBI Agent Craig Frasier who work together to solve some gruesome crimes.

Heather Graham sets another plot that comes closer to home for owners of the pub Finnegan's on Broadway in this second installment. In this FBI Agents Craig Frasier and Mike Dalton are again pulled into a high profile murder case - body of the missing supermodel Jeannette Gilbert that is found in the crypts of the hot new venue Le Club Vampyre. Naturally Kieran Finnegan and her office of psychologists / psychiatrists are reached out on consulting basis. But as usual the Finnegans are again in the thick of this.

The killer is obviously obsessed with beauty and trying to preserve it. Was this another serial killer haunting the streets of New York City? Will his obsession reach to Kieran and have her life in jeopardy? Will Craig be able to save her in time? And how are the Finnegans involved? 

Heather Graham's spin on the psychology of the killer obsessed with beauty is chilling to the bone. Yet at the same time with its soft undertones of romance and family affairs keep the chillness to a notch slightly lower. 

Again there is reference to film noir by Heather Graham albeit just as a version of the famous statement from the 1942 Hollywood classic Casablanca - Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. And also as a passing reference in musings by Craig Frasier. Her love of film noir definitely shows in every book I read. My review of the movie in question here after I watched it on big screen.

Somewhere during Chapter five I kind of guessed two possibilities on who the killer could be. And am I pleased that one of the possibility was spot on. Am I getting better at guessing the criminals or is it that I am getting immune to Heather Graham's web in the plot? Guess, its both or its none. It could be just pure luck.

A successful murder mystery with weird psychology of the crazy killers that springs surprise after surprise at every turn keeping the readers glued to the book.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Plot Reveals:

a. Heather Graham keeps mentioning in bits and pieces of conversations that Craig or the Finnegans or the officers who visit Finnegans, all want to try the Karaoke Bar below Kieran Finnegan's apartment. I wonder if she will elaborate on this into a full scene in one of her future books. 

2) Sub-Plots:

a. Finnegan's Irish Pub is co-owned by four siblings - Declan, Kevin, Kieran and Daniel "Danny".  However, Declan kind of runs the show. Kevin and Kieran are twins, while Danny is the youngest of them.

b. Declan Finnegan is engaged to be married to Mary Kathleen O'Shaunnessy.

c. Finnegan siblings long time childhood friend, Julie Benton, is now divorced from her ex-husband Gary Benton. And the youngest of the Finnegans, Danny, is in love with her. Will be curious to see how Heather Graham will play this angle in her future books in the series. 

d. Mike Dalton is Craig Frasier's partner. Richard Eagan is their assistant director.

e. Dr. Allison Miro and Dr. Bentley Fuller are the two psychiatrists, in whose office Kieran Finnegan, also worked as a psychologist. Together they aid NYPD and FBI in profiling the criminals.

f. Kieran Finnegan's apartment is above a Japanese restaurant and karaoke bar. Every time Kieran or Craig or one of the siblings passes by, they hear a new song being sung by some patron. And Heather Graham managed to list out some really good songs or bands in the process:

i. Memories by Elvis Presley which was released in 1969. More about it here.

ii. The Man Behind the Mask by Alice Cooper that was released in 1986. More about it here

iii. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash with was released in 1955. More about it here.


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