Book Critique - Wolf Moon

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Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: A novella filled with magic, romance and mystery with the typical Nora Roberts' writing flair that will entertain the reader thoroughly.

Wolf Moon is the first novella in the October 2004 anthology Moon Shadows written by Nora Roberts. The novella is a collaboration between four authors - Nora Roberts, Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan and Marianne Willman - with tales filled with moon, magic and love. 

As I was reading the 2001 novella Midnight Serenade by Ronda Thompson (Review here), it reminded me of Wolf Moon by Nora Roberts. As I mentioned in the review of that book I did pick up this anthology as well, couldn’t resist it once I remembered it. Thus my reviews of the four novellas follows beginning with Wolf Moon by Nora Roberts. 

Eighteen years ago on a solo camping trip, Simone, gets attacked by a wolf turning her life into a cruel curse. Now she meets Dr. Gabe Kirby, the local vet, in the remote town in Maine, with whom she wants to have more with. Risking all will she confide in Gabe about what happened? Will Gabe accept her and aid her? Where will this latest hitch take the turn for Simone?

A mere 96 page novella which Nora Roberts spins it well with lot more details than one would expect for a novella. There is romance, magic and mystery - the trifecta that one typically sees in a Nora's book. Of course there is the element of paranormal here too. And not to forget the moon element keeping with the theme of the novella.

Yes, this is again one of those style of writing of Nora's that I love the most. Be it her usage of words, expression of feelings, description of the sceneries and scenarios, it is a through and through Nora in there. However, this is definitely not a quick read, for it comes with a lot more depth in it than just a typical paranormal romance plot.

A definite pick for those who want to start on Nora Roberts books.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Spoiler Alerts:

a. Simone listens to the latest novel of Robert Parker on audio CD. I have never read Robert Parker's books though. However his character Spenser had a series of books, and a few movies to his name. I believe I saw one of the movies, but can't seem to remember which one.

b. Gabe likes to watch the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, an American supernatural drama. It had aired from 1997 thru 2003. Long before I was into the paranormal books, movies and TV shows, when I had watched an episode of this TV show, it had actually scared me. But now I don’t think so. More about the TV show here.


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