Book Critique - Midnight Serenade

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: For those quick reads you are looking for in paranormal romance genre without any sequels or series to go through, this is a perfect book.

Midnight Serenade is a 2001 novella by Ronda Thompson published as part of the anthology After Twilight along with novellas from two other authors - Christine Feehan and Amanda Ashley. The plot revolves around Dr. Rick Donavon - a werewolf and a veterinarian doctor - and Stephanie Shane - researcher on endangered species. 

Rick Donavon, a local veterinarian in the secluded town in the rugged mountains of Montana, is in fact a werewolf - one who is hiding from the world. Stephanie Shane comes to his neck of the woods to study the recent onset of wolves supposed to be a new species. He smells in her his mate even though he doesn’t want to put her into the same situation as he was put when a werewolf had bitten him and converting him to this creature. Yet his animal side bites Stephanie out of defense. Will Stephanie become a werewolf too? How will Rick overcome this curse? What is their fate? That is what follows the rest of the plot of this 114 page short novella.

Ronda Thompson has a set of perhaps 21 books to her name before she had passed away in 2007. I don’t remember reading a lot of Ronda Thompson books. And she had done a decent job of putting together a detailed plot for mere 114 pages. However this plot reminded me of another plot by Nora Roberts, her 2004 novella Wolf Moon as part of the anthology Moon Shadows. And, as you guessed, my readers, review of that anthology will follow soon.

Another short and sweet paranormal romance story filled with love, sacrifice and the werewolves. A fast read for anyone who want to delve into the paranormal world but don’t want to spend a whole of time there either.


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