Book Critique – Lair of the Lion

Stars: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: Paranormal Plot, Romance, Eroticism, Legends, Myths and Powers - elements that scream a Christine Feehan novel and you will not be dissatisfied. If you like her other books this is one that you need to pick as well.

Christine Feehan has rarely written stand-alone books that are not part of any of her series. One such book is Lair of the Lion published in September of 2002. The plot revolves around Nicolai DeMarco – rumored to be powerful enough to have the beasts do his bidding – and Isabella Vernaducci – who doesn’t waver to enter his lair to save her brother. It is set in Italy some centuries ago.

Isabella Vernaducci reaches Nicolai DeMarco's doorstep at his palazzo to seek aid - to ask his help in rescuing her brother - Lucca Vernaducci - who is imprisoned in the dungeons of the palace of Don Rivellio. However in exchange for his help Don DeMarco asks for her hand in marriage and insists that she stay inside the DeMarco's area no matter what happens. With given no choice she agrees for the demand - a life exchanged for another life. However had she got a fair bargain?

She had heard rumors about the Don that he can command the beasts, control the weather and that whoever marries him is doomed to death. Willingly she goes into his arms but will the arms become her chains and cage or become her honor and her brother's freedom? Will Lucca and Isabella be free of Don Rivellio's atrocities? All this and much more will the reader find as the plot proceeds.

Another intense plot by Christine Feehan filled with legends, battles, paranormal factors, love and curses. The chemistry between Nicolai and Isabella is instant like most of her characters, however she took her time to get them to fall in love with each other. The twists and turns are some predictable and some unexpected. Typical of her any book, there is definite involvement of erotic romance between the lead characters. The characters on the other hand are developed well as the plot proceeds keeping the reader glued to them and satisfying their appetite to see them grow too. 

Of course there are a few things about the book that I didn’t like that much. One thing for sure is the elaborate descriptions around any incident. Sometimes it bordered around boring but some I could get that they are needed to complete the plot. Also I would have liked the ending a bit differently cause I strongly believe that everyone's actions have to have some consequences. However it does make sense in a way from Christine's point of view despite my thoughts.

Christine Feehan normally writes only books that are part of a series. However this stand-alone is much intriguing and could have been a series too. There are certainly enough characters and enough meat for her to continue this as a series. Or better yet she could incorporate this into the Carpathian Series and add Lion as another species. I am wondering if she had considered or not before she left this as a stand-alone book. I would definitely love to see that somehow happen in future. (Christine, are you reading this? :)).

All in all another successful paranormal romantic thriller by Christine Feehan that charms you and entertains you.


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