Book Critique - Hunter Deceived (Wild Hunt # 1)

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Stars: 2.5 / 5

Recommendation: Another interesting series on immortal hunters, walking deads, fairies, angels and humans; with a connection to Hell this time around - giving a different perspective to that world.

Hunter Deceived in the first book in the Wild Hunt series by Nancy Corrigan and published in September of 2014. The plot is set in a world where humans, immortal hunters, fairies and the walking dead co-exist. This book revolved around Calan – the leader of the Wild Hunt – and Harley Callahan – human with a dark heritage.

Having read the second and third book in the series, I had been waiting for the first book to be available for print again. Finally when it came on amazon, quickly I ordered it before they become out of print again. And so here’s the review.

Background: After being for a millennium in Hell suffering as a result of deadly curse that was meant for Unseelie Court, the children of Arawn are released to be free. They serve as The Huntsmen going on the Wild Hunt in the night saving the world from the evils that humans cannot even fathom and also to keep their sanity intact. However they have to still pass one final test by The Triad – triple-faceted God who rules all of the humans, immortals, fairies, and walking dead alike - before they are completely freed.

Harley Callahan was born with the dark heritage as a half breed fairy. Fighting to keep her darkness under control and on the run from the evil Raul – one of the Redcap – the only solace and strength she draws are from the visions of her ghostly man, his voice and her promise to him. Now after nine years of running she finally comes home to her brother Ian’s wedding. And she faces her ghost man. Calan – leader of the Wild Hunt – trapped in a torture in the Underworld for a mistake made a millennia ago along with his brothers and sisters, need Harley not only for his salvation but also to free his brothers and sisters. How does Harley and Calan help each other, how they will fight the Redcap Raul and also how they free the Huntsmen is the rest of the plot.

There are so many moving pieces in this first book and lots of segues into future books. Having read the remaining two following this already, a few of the pieces made a lot of sense. Remaining I have to wait patiently for Nancy to write about before they can be answered or filled. The basic plot is also very interesting – Huntsmen from Underworld, aiding the humans against the Unseelie Court Fairies, in the only way they know, to fight and kill. The touches around the fringes in this book focuses on Calan and Harley bringing in the Underworld and Unseelie Court as close as possible they can.

Although the plot is strong, the erotic part takes up a lot of it. I wish either Nancy could have increased the actual story around the erotic portion, or balanced it a bit well. Otherwise a very strong book from Nancy.

Note: The book I have also comes with the mini-novel Hunter Sacrificed (Wild hunt #0.5), the prequel to the entire series, explaining how the Huntsmen have been formed, for what reason and what would their potential fate would be. It is merely 50 pages and don’t want to write a separate review on it. However, a very good segue for readers to understand many missing pieces that we see in the rest of the three books so far printed in this Wild Hunt series.

Another erotic fantasy novel created in a world filled with humans, fairies, hunters, angels and all the immortals under the sun. Although I like the plot-line and story setup along with the characters, the eroticism is more than I would normally like. A bit toned down on it and balance it a bit more with the actual plot, then this would be a winning series for this author

Another easy read for those lazy days and hot nights.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Plot Reveals:

a. Dar – leader of Unseelie Fairy Court is the Harley’s actual father.

b. There is still a mystery to solve as to who had betrayed the Huntsmen a millennia ago and had given it away to Dar so he could wreak havoc on them. My gut says it is Lucan aka Lucifer, but it cannot be that obvious. We have to just wait for Nancy to unravel it in her plots.

2) Sub – Plots from already read second and third books:

a. Ian Callahan, whom we meet for the first time in this book, is revealed to be the son of Lucas aka Lucifer - the Demon King and Fallen Angel - and Minerva - Goddess of Love and mate of Arawn – in the second book Hunter Forsaken (My review of the book here). Minerva hides Ian among humans so Arawn doesn’t know about it even though her infidelity was already know to him.

b. Allie, Cynthia’s sister – Cynthia being ex-fiancée of Ian – is rescued from the Unseelie world by the Huntsmen. The HandMaiden Alana is the birth mother of Allie.

c. Just like Arawn had Huntsmen, Minerva had HandMaidens - seventeen sisters who live and die as humans again and again until the goals given by Minerva are completed  - tasks that came down from Triad as he plays the chess with the maidens too. Harley’s mom is another of Minerva’s HandMaiden.

d. The angel Michael saves Trevor by using his once-only used power to give him a human body. However, what price will he pay for that is something I am curious to see in future plots. Trevor and Rowan’s (Rowan is one of the huntsman) plot can be read in the third book Hunter Mourned and my review can be seen here.

e. Alana gives a gift to Craig to save him from Hell and get redemption, as he was her once former soulmate. What was the gift she has given? How will that impact the balance? Perhaps another book will explore on this.

3) The Huntsmen (men and women both alike are called so), have alternate form that resembles a cross between a demon dog and a human - a beast from Hell. They also have powers that surpassed even what the highest level gods hold including the ability to walk in the world of humans - only ones from the Underworld - and also their mates. The Huntsmen are immortal - cannot be killed at all permanently - due to their ties to Arawn - the Lord of the Underworld.

4) More about Huntsmen from already read second and third books:

a. The Huntsmen also have other siblings who are still in Hell but quarantined as they couldn’t survive the tortures.

b. Calan, Rhys, Rowan, Teagan, Cain and Zeph are the only siblings so far who have survived the millennia of torture.

c. Calan is the oldest and their leader, has ability to connect all their minds linking them together.

d. Rhys acts as their strategist in the battle as well as their counsellor in life. Will he and Allie be mates? All the signs point towards it from reading the remaining two books.

e. Tegan is the third in command in Arawn's army. She is mated with Ian and we read their story in the second book Hunter Forsaken.

f. Cain - survived but in a very fragile situation. Perhaps a future book on him will explain more about him.

5) Grammatical / Geographical / Location / Character / Historic Errors:

a. On pg. 61, it should read “You need to be a good girl.” Missing “girl” at the end.

b. On pg. 172, line starting with “keep his horse..”, it should read “enough to get the woman away…” instead there is an unnecessary “the” between “enough” and “get”.


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