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Movie Critique – #342: The Secret of the Whistler

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Stars:  3.5 / 5
Recommendation: A dark tale of base human emotions - love, greed and jealousy - a tangle of web one enjoys watching on screen.

The Secret of the Whistler is a 1946 American mystery film noir based on the radio drama of the same name. Directed by George Sherman this is the sixth of the eight film noir series adapted from the radio drama produced in the 1940s. Richard Dix reprises as the main character in the film with Otto Forrest as The Whistler narrating in the background.

Ralph Harrison (portrayed by Richard Dix) is married to a very wealthy and very sick woman Edith (portrayed by Mary Currier). But desperate for companionship he seeks it out in an artist's model Kay Morrell (portrayed by Leslie Brooks), and gradually falls in love with her. But then Edith also miraculously starts getting better. What will Ralph do now? Stuck in an unhappy marriage? Longing for a new partner? Has Edith already suspected about his wavering? Where will the love between these three characters lead them to

Another dark story dealing with love, jealousy and greed. Perhaps plotted well and also played well. Even though Richard Dix had become a complete alcoholic person by the shooting of this movie, he managed to play his part well without showing any of those signs. I wonder how many takes and retakes had to be done for his scenes. All in all another plot well-made and enjoyable.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Until this film I didn’t realize how different some of the words are. For instance, Ralph mentions to one of his guests , "Bar is over there, eats are over here…". Now we would just say "food is over here" instead.
2) One of the lead actress Leslie Brooks looks so similar to the current day English actress Sheridan Smith (portrayed the role of Mrs. Bromwyn in The Huntsman: Winter's War). It amazes me how the resemblances are there decades apart nations apart.

3) Arthur Space portrays as Dr. Gunther in the film. He had portrayed other roles in the previous Whistler movies too - As Sellers the Bell Captain in The Mark of the Whistler (My review of the film here), As Davis (Summer's Henchman) in Mysterious Intruder (My review of the film here). But I remember seeing him in many of the episode of the Perry Mason TV series in the late 50s and early 60s.

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