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Movie Critique – #338: Voice of the Whistler

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Stars:  3 / 5
Recommendation: A twist on human emotions and what happens when the darker side of these come out.

Voice of the Whistler is a 1945 American mystery film noir based on the radio drama of the same name. Directed by William Castle this is the fourth of the eight film noir series adapted from the radio drama produced in the 1940s. Richard Dix reprises as the main character in the film with Otto Forrest as The Whistler narrating in the background.

The story is set in flashback in the thoughts of Joan Martin Sinclair (portrayed by Lynn Merrick) and it goes back to the time when a millionaire John Sinclair (portrayed by Richard Dix) was on the verge of dying. As a last good faith of act, he decides to marry his penniless nurse, so that he can leave something for her to make her life better. But then the unexpected events  happen that changes the course for both Joan and John. What happens to them afterwards? Why is Joan living alone? Where does this change of course take them to?

The plot starts off with a rather sympathetic note towards the lead characters. But then it takes a sinister turn as the plot proceeds, makes you wonder what a man could do for greed, jealousy and mistaken feelings of love. Sixty minutes of intense human emotions tossed around between four key characters that form a nice web.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) The actress Lynn Merrick reminds me of Katherine Heigl so much. And both have lived decades apart.
2) The plot reminds me of two Indian movies, although the ending is a little different than above film.
a. The 1977 hit Hindi classic Gharonda ( = The Nest) starring Amol Palekar, Zarina Wahab and Dr. Shreeram Lagoo. More about the movie here
b. A 1990 Telugu film Mrigatrushna starring Revathi and Sarath Babu in lead roles. There is not much about this movie on internet nor a video that I can play. But I remember distinctly that this movie plot closely resembles to Voice of the Whistler movie, of course ending being different.
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