Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Movie Critique – #325: Night Waitress

Stars:  3 / 5
Recommendation: A speedy crime drama film with comedy and romance that can be watched on a lazy day.

Night Waitress is a 1936 American crime drama film. Margot Grahame and Gordon Jones star in the lead roles.

Helen Roberts (portrayed by Margot Grahame) is back to working at Torre's Fish Palace run by Torre. A scandal that was a cause because of her roommate's negligence. However she is on probation now only to be harassed by people who knew her story. And one such person was Martin Rhodes (portrayed by Gordon Jones). Infact he was waiting to receive a call at exactly 10pm at that dive from Ted Rigo his ex-partner, but instead his brother Mario (portrayed by Don "Red" Barry) calls him telling that Ted had been tortured and killed by the gangsters for information about some secret cargo. And in parallel he pursues Helen Roberts enough that she agrees for a date.

That begins the downfall of Helen should we say. Pursued by Martin - who isn't a straight arrow either, followed by detectives from Borgum Detective agency and threatened by the gangsters, falls under suspicion again for witnessing a murder.

Although the setting is alongside the docks in San Francisco area filled with gangsters, ruffians and low character folks, the plot could have been a bit stronger. Rather drab with a lot of pot holes in it. I don’t understand the heroine who despite knowing that Martin was a crook she falls for him for all the wrong reasons. As for the lead actor Gordon Jones, he reminded me Elvis Presley all along, although Elvis was born just a year before this movie was released. Seems to be Elvis did use some old heroes acting characteristics in his life.

A short - 57 minutes - film that runs faster than it supposed with the plot jumping leaps and bounds. A B-grade crime drama film with tinges of romance and comedy on the side that keeps you entertaining enough to enjoy this movie in a snap.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) The film marks debut for some great actors such as Anthony Quinn and Don "Red" Barry.

2) Comedian Willie Best is also seen briefly with one line to speak.

3) Notice how the disclaimer calls the movie as "photoplay". Interesting choice of words.

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