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Book Critique 2016 – 10/19/2016: Sacred Evil (#3)

Note: It's 2017 and I still have three months of reviews to go from 2016. I am hoping I should be able to finish it soon but we have to wait and see how far into 2017 this will go into. :)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here
For review of all books in this series: Go here.

Stars: 3.5 / 5
Recommendation: Yes, pick it up for a mystery involving paranormal activities.

Sacred Evil is the third book in the Krewe of Hunters series by Heather Graham and published in July of 2011. This time around the plot revolves around Whitney Tremont - one of the Krewe of Hunters who is excellent with Sound, Film and Video apart from the paranormal abilities - and Jude Crosby - A Detective who skeptical of anything that doesn’t have facts.

Krewe are a secret FBI unit, the members of which know a little of the otherworldly. Each member of the unit has honed a particular psychic talent of their own making them the paranormal investigating team. This unit was created to deal with murders with supernatural undertones and paranormal activities. Headed by paranormal investigator Adam Harrison, the elite unit of paranormal investigators is called on to solve cases linked to historical mystery involving legendary crime and serial killings, war events and hauntings. The Krewe draw on their various abilities such as telepathy, mind reading, communication with the dead and supernatural intuition to solve unexplainable crimes. The stories in the book series are located mostly in Virginia and New Orleans, with some well-known legends used as themes.  The Krewe are divided in three distinct groups. The first group is led by Jackson Crow based in New Orleans, LA, the second group is led by Texas Ranger Logan Raintree and the third group is a unit of its own.

Homicide Detective Jude Crosby has just been called to a crime scene in early morning Manhattan, right outside the Wall Street - a slashed and gutted body of Virginia Rockford, an extra-artist on the movie set close to the crime scene. A scene that looked exactly like a page from Jack The Ripper's book. The Ripper's first known murder of Polly Nichols, found slashed and stabbed on Aug 31, 1888, was found exactly as Virginia was found now. Jack also came across two slashed and stabbed murders prior to this one, all Jane Does and none killed this horribly as Virginia. Is someone re-creating Jack The Ripper's murders? Has he mysteriously re-appeared in this century - for he suddenly disappeared from London after his last kill Mary Kelly? Or was there more to this murderer? And Media is dubbing the killer as Jack the Slasher much to the disappointment of Jude and Jackson's teams. Jude and his former partner, Monty, have been "Detective Specialists" and worked specifically for Chief of Police, which gave them authority over all the cases in all the boroughs of New York City. Yet he did have little choice when is assigned a task force that he could pick from Technical Assistance Response Unit aka TARU and also the Special Unit from the FBI - Krewe of Hunters.

Whitney Tremont is the first one to arrive in the Big Apple from the Krewe of Hunters - Jackson Crow's team. Despite what Jude's personal thoughts about her being part of the investigation, Whitney decided to give her full. Especially when the case seems to be taking a more sinister turn - Is Jack the Ripper back in a ghost form and re-creating his own crimes? But one thing both of them agreed on, be it a copycat killer or a ghost doing the killings, all of it is somehow related to the film that was being shot. The location of the shoot was on the grounds where at once upon a time a House of Spiritualism existed in the late nineteenth century that was presumed to be a place of cult practitioners and devil worshippers. Was the past somehow caused the present murders? Were the three murders related? Will there be more murders just like Jack the Ripper had?

The team of Jackson Crow, whom we met in the first book Phantom Evil (My review here) and all come with one or more paranormal experiences apart from their other abilities that would help investigating any case, consists of Jake Mallory (A wizard with computers), Whitney Tremont (expert with film, sound and video), Angela Hawkins (an ex-cop and has ability to speak with ghosts), Jenna Duffy (A registered nurse) and Will Chan (expert with film, sound and video). The One Police Plaza team that Jackson Crow's team works with are - Wally Fullbright (Medical Examiner), Melissa Banks (The TV reporter that Jude's team worked with for reporting news of any crime), Norton, Officer Smith (A beat cop who gets enlisted to investigate on the streets), Nathanie Green (Deputy Chief of Police), Ellis Sayer (One of the officers in the TARU), Hannah Mills (an officer from the Tech Support), Andrew Crosby (Detective Crosby's father and an ex-cop), Alex Lacey (One of the members from Sayer's team) and Lieutenant Nelson (Deputy Green's assistant), Judith Garner (Forensic Detective).

As always a string of people come under the list of suspects for Jude and Whitney - Old Captain Michael Tyler (A Vietnam War Vet but now a derelict, beggar and lives on street), Angus Avery (The film director of the shoot Virginia was part of), Samuel Vintner (guard at the film shooting location), Bobby Walden (Lead actor in the film), Sherry Blanco (Lead actress in the film), Missy Everett and Jane Deaver (The other extras working along-side Virginia) and Harold Patterson (an escort-service owner).

Barring a few glitches, Heather Graham has once again spun a paranormal thriller. There was one piece that didn’t get a proper closure in the plot. And one thing definitely missed in the series so far is showing the lives of the past pairs, very little is exposed about their current situation. Perhaps the author focused only on the current pair that the plot was involved with. Despite these little offs, the story is a chiller if I may say, as it rose goosebumps several times for me and lots of chills up my spine too. Another successful book in the series.

Spoiler Alerts:
1) The plot in the second book Heart of Evil, showed a distinct chemistry between Cliff Boudreaux and Jenna Duffy. I hope there is a book in future featuring them both.
2) The author talks about Blair House - a historical residence that had George Washington staying in at one time for a some nights - but I couldn’t find any in NYC. However I found one in Washington D. C. that was called as Blair House aka The President's Guest House. More about it here. Although I wonder if anything existed in NYC.
3) Grammatical / Historical / Location / Character Errors:
a. On Pg. 38, Para 7, the line should be "He put in a call…." instead of He put a in call…" The words are mis-aligned.
b. On Pg. 60 and 62, Jude is referred to as Jake several times. There is a Jake Mallory in Jackson's team, however he hadnt yet appeared in character in the plot at this instance. Author certainly erred on the name.
c. On Pg. 115, para 2, it should be "I don't mock the London police….". Author uses "knock" instead.
d. On Pg. 335 para 4, one of the line says "She spelled Will, watching the strange….". I believe it should be either "spied" or "saw" instead of "spelled" here.
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