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Book Critique 2016 – 10/17/2016: Dangerous In Diamonds (The Rarest Blooms #4)

Note: It's 2017 and I still have three months of reviews to go from 2016. I am hoping I should be able to finish it soon but we have to wait and see how far into 2017 this will go into. :)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here
For review of all books in this series: Go here.

Stars: 3.5 / 5
Recommendation: Historical Setting, Mystery, Murder, Scandal, Love and Sex surrounding a Rake and a Woman to make him kneel - what else one would need to complete a successful recipe to keep one glued to the book.

Dangerous In Diamonds is the fourth and last of the books in The Rarest Blooms series by Madeline Hunter published in April of 2011. This dangerous and seductive plot is set between Daphne Joyes - the last resident of The Rarest Blooms - and Trsitan St. Ives Castleford - Duke of Castleford and infamous for his scandalous life including drinking, lazing and debauchery. Like all of her novels, Madeline set this series also in the historic period when arguments were dealt with duels while passions with fire under the shade of skirts and breaches.

Duke of Becksbridge passes away leaving a small portion of properties to Tristan St. Ives Castleford - Duke of Castleford - with a promise that he would keep the tenants at the same rent per year for as long as they want to live and also with the amount left for him, he will take care of their basic needs as well. Castleford is more than irritated and bored to being tied to this small property that doesn’t even measure to a drop in his ocean of wealth - for he is filthy rich with his uncanny business abilities as well as from the family wealth that had been handed down generations to him. When he comes to investigate the property he meets for the first time the elusive Mrs. Joyes - who has managed to evade him the last time he had visited this house when he had dragged Hawkeswell and Michael Bowman along with Summerhays a year or so ago.

Daphne Joyes is the remaining of The Rarest Blooms who resides at her house in Cumberworth along with the new addition Katherine Johnson. As the rule goes, none of the residents pry at each other's past but still live in harmony as a family. Now Castleford has given her the most dreaded news. Instead of Becksbridge writing off that house her in his will, he leaves it in care of Castleford. But, will Castleford let them stay according to Becksbridge's will? Knowing the infamous nature of Castleford, she is also worried that neither she nor Katherine are safe from being seduced and thrown away like many of his conquests if Castleford continues to visit them.

However, after seeing Daphne as an exquisite beauty as well as her shunning away his advances contrary to other women he seduces, Castleford takes it as a challenge to seduce her. He even announces it to Hawkeswell that he would seduce her in a matter of 10 days. But this challenge is not the only reason for Castleford to try to know Daphne. Being a war-widow, he was curious to know how she came about getting that house with such a nominal rent. And he was curious to know if there was more than what meets the eye between Becksbridge and Daphne.

Will Castleford seduce her? But will this seduction be more than what he thinks it would be? What is the relationship between Becksbridge and Daphne? What happened with Latham and her when she was at Becksbridge? Will Daphne ever tell the world the truth about her? Castleford has his own score to settle with Latham. What has happened in the past that Castleford is the only one who see the true colors of Latham - apart from Daphne and Albrighton? What other secrets uncover as Castfleford pursues Daphne

As always Daphne and Castleford are aided by allies and enemies alike - Lord Grayson Hawkeswell and Lady Verity Hawkeswell (Their story is told in the second book Provocative In Pearls), Lord Sebastian Summerhays and Lady Audrianna Summerhays (Their story is told in the first book Ravishing In Red), Gerome Latham (The current Duke of Becksbridge and son of the previous Duke), Mr. Edwards (Castleford's secretary), Mr. Goodale (one of Castleford's solicitors), Jonathan Albrighton and Celia Pennifold (Their story is told in the third book Sinful In Satin) and Margaret (Daphne's very oldest friend).

This time around Madeline Hunter paired the most rakish of the group with a very exquisite but formidable woman. I had started liking Castleford more and more as the series proceeded. And him being so much into debauchery that I had expected this book to be more erotic than the other three. Surprisingly enough it was not only less erotic but took on a more serious note several times. For all the fun and frolic that Castleford was having, he can be really serious and focused when mattered, and also aids his friends in need. The very serious and exquisite Daphne indeed had a very tough ride all her life but eventually she had found the best of the rakes for herself.

Once again we have a marvelous tale between one of her rake and scoundrel of a hero paired with a scandal-filled heroine who wade through the sea of conspiracies and mysteries and eventually find love and honor. And like always comes with surprising twists and turns that don’t make the reader bored of this plot.

Another easy breezy romantic-mystery plot that one can enjoy while lazing by that favorite reading spot in your home.

Spoiler Alerts:
1) Katherine Johnson joins The Rarest Blooms - being rescued and helped by Verity in the second book Provocative In Pearls. We see that she gets a small plot of herself, with Mr. Edwards. I am glad she got a closure too.
2) I am also glad to see Morgan Summerhays - older brother to Sebastian Summerhays and the Marquess of Wittonbury - whom we met in the first book Ravishing In Red, finally healed from his injuries and back in London with a wife and taking responsibilities of the Marquess.
3) This entire series though historical, reminds of The Garden Trilogy by Nora Roberts. Although her books had more detailed description of gardening, grafting, green houses, conservatory, etc and dealt with ghosts and legends from past.  Check my reviews of this trilogy here
4) Audrianna and Celia are pregnant. Audrianna goes to the coast for summer with her husband Sebastian.
5) Grammatical / Geographical / Editing Errors / Character Errors:
a. On Pg 114, the author refers to Celia Pennifold's housekeeper as Miriam, while in the third book where she was introduced it was Marian.
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