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Book Critique 2016 – 10/10/2016: Hunter Mourned

Note: It's 2017 and I still have three months of reviews to go from 2016. I am hoping I should be able to finish it soon but we have to wait and see how far into 2017 this will go into. :)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here
For review of all books in this series: Go here.

Stars: 2.5 / 5
Recommendation: Another interesting series on immortal hunters, walking deads, fairies, angels and humans; with a connection to Hell this time around - giving a different perspective to that world.

One of the Facebook snippets brought my attention to Nancy Corrigan's 2016 release Hunter Mourned. Something about that post reminded me of Nalini Singh books, my another favorite paranormal and romance writer. Always open to try new authors, I picked up this book too. And here goes my review.

Hunter Mourned is the third book in the Wild Hunt series by Nancy Corrigan and published in August of 2016. Normally I read from the beginning of any series, but this time around I am starting with the latest book. The plot is set in a world where humans, immortal hunters, fairies and the walking dead co-exist. In this book, the plot revolves around Trevor O'Connor - a Human owning a security firm and riding with the immortal Huntsmen on the Wild Hunt to remove evil - and Rowan - one of the Huntsmen, a demi-god and a bastard daughter of Arawn, Lord of Underworld.

Trevor had been tossed into the realm of Unseelie Fairy Court - A ruling faction of Unseelies (evil fairies or seelies) - and had been injured badly. It took months for him to heal and now he is back on the streets searching for the one who was responsible for this. Rowan - who has had lost her mate centuries ago - also is on in the search but she also passes her time having sex with any male she can find for her heart belonged to the long-ago dead mate. And she has her eyes on Trevor now. Although there is strong sexual chemistry between them and not to discount the myriad attempts Rowan has tried, Trevor still keeps his hands off her as he has a goal to reach - for its not just for him but for Allie too.

Allie - another Human who was thrown into the Unseelie Fairy Court along with Trevor - had come out more damaged than Trevor. She was not prepared for what that magic world would do to a human brain. But Trevor knew everything and yet both came back injured - one healed at least for everyone's eyes, the other still lost.  And Tervor craved more than ever now to become a Hunter - some humans can be converted to Huntsmen - although Calan - the leader of the Wild Hunt - had not invited him yet. And therein lies his crucial reason for not touching Rowan - he want to be a Huntsman not a Hunter's Lover. Ian - Trevor's best friend and a demi-god - is mated to Taegan - another immortal Huntsman, demi-god and daughter of Arwan. And he has as much concerns on Trevor and Rowan as the rest of Rowan's family.

But the biggest question both Rowan and Trevor are unable to answer - why did Rowan's memory of mating with her long-dead lover Kai come up as a fantasy to Trevor while stuck in the Unseelie Realm? Why did the fairies used that lure and capture Rowan? Why did they use that to fragment Trevor's mind? All the huntsmen except for Calan and Tegan had a jagged black line between their middle and ring finger to the wrist that if started to stretch up their arm it means their time is coming up soon. Only way it disappears would be if they have passed whatever challenge they are to pass. This curse hangs on all of them. And Rowan is yet to face her challenge. What will be her challenge? Will she face it? Will Trevor be at her side?

Both Rowan and Trevor are looking for Craig - Rowan because she suspects he is behind the seven recent attacks on women and Trevor because he thinks Craig put him in the fairy realm. Craig is a Redcap - human who sold his soul to the Unseelie Fairy Court ruled by Dar (originally Dagda but was corrupted by Chaos). Apart from that Trevor had a personal vendetta to settle with Craig and Raul because of the atrocities Harley and Ian had paid for at their hand due to Trevor's foolish mistake. Rowan finds an ally in Alana - Minerva's seventh HandMaiden who is living her current role here.  But what about the past that she had battling for a millennium? What about the mistakes she had done in rage and in lust? How will that impact Rowan and Trevor?

The plot has several sub-plots that might have been covered in the first two books and the novella - Hunter Sacrificed. However there are too many questions left unanswered that is a sure sign that more books will follow. There was no drag in the plot nor was there a huge punch. A very easy and fast read for those quick readers and yet leaving enough thread to be dragged back into this world whenever a new book is released.

A totally different concept of the mortal and underworld with immortal hunters, gods, goddesses, humans, fairies and walking deads. Most of these plots dealt with people in heaven, but this time around it dealt with characters from Hell, who ruled them, who made judgment on the souls that come there and how it changes the lives of people above. A new concept that definitely intrigued me. Perhaps I will go back and read the remaining three books so far released as well.

Spoiler Alerts:

1) The first time I read about a Seelie Court was in Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series. I read the first three books but posted review only on the first one. (Refer to my review here). Another place I remember reading about it is in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. Reviews of which I haven't posted yet. And now I am reading about it again in this book.
2) Ian Callahan is the son of Lucas aka Lucifer - the Deomn King and Fallen Angel - and Minerva - Goddess of Love and mate of Arawn. Minerva hides Ian among humans so Arawn doesn’t know about it even though her infidelity was already know to him. Story of Ian told in the second book in the series Hunter Forsaken. Even though they both have same mother (it seems incest for me, but have to read their book to make my decision), they are mated for life.
3) Calan was mated to Harley - a half breed fairy and also half sibling to Ian. Their story is told in the first book Hunter Deceived.
4) The Huntsmen (men and women both alike are called so), have alternate form that resembled a cross between a demon dog and a human - a beast from Hell.
5) Calan, Rhys, Rowan, Teagan, Cain and Zeph are siblings and children of Arawn. But I wonder who their mother was since Minerva wasn’t.
6) Triad is the triple-faceted God who ruled all over them - immortals, humans, fairies and walking dead alike.
7) If a hunter failed their challenge they are sent back to the prisons on hell and suffer eternally. But more than that every failed hunter would cause a splinter in the barrier between the Underworld and the mortal realms which would release the evils of Underworld into the mortal world. Thus failing the purpose of the hunter to protect the humans.
8) Looks like Rhys and Allie are going to be paired in a future book. All signs lead to that road here. :P
9) Just like Arawn had Huntsmen, Minerva had HandMaidens - seventeen sisters who live and die as humans again and again until the goals given by Minerva are completed  - tasks that came down from Triad as he plays the chess with the maidens too.
10) The Huntsmen seemed to have been held in hell as prisoners for a millennium even though Arawn was their father. Some bargain between Arawn and Triad had led them free. A story perhaps told in other books by the author.
11) The angel Michael saves Trevor by using his once-only used power to give him a human body. However, what price will he pay for that is something I am curious to see in future plots.
12) The HandMaiden Alana is the birth mother of Allie
13) Alana gives a gift to Craig to save him from Hell and get redemption, as he was her once former soulmate. What was the gift she has given? How will that impact the balance? Perhaps another book will explore on this.
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