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Critique 2016 – 08/21/2016: Cherish Your Moments (House Warming Ceremony)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a Review
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On this day in August (21st) I had a small gathering with my family and near and dear friends to celebrate the house warming ceremony of my new home. Although I bought the home in November of 2015, I had to wait for my parents and family to come to perform the pending ceremony. While preparing for this ceremony it reminded me of the actual Gruhapravesham pooja I had done as soon as I bought my home in 2015. And made me think back at how much relief I had felt when my friend's company handled everything. So here is a review of that company almost a year later. :)

That pooja was held on Dec 4 2015 and I had taken the help of my friend's company Cherish Your Moments (CYM) (Facebook link here) They made my day very easy. I did not have had to arrange a single thing except get decked up and come in my best. From making the Rangoli in front of my home to decorating to getting the food ordered and delivered to serving the welcome drinks to helping in giving away the return gifts to cleanup and packing at the end, they handled every single step.

I had taken one responsibility of gathering the items needed for the pooja, but everything else they had taken care of it. Even then I had forgotten a thing or two which the CYM team took care of it, albeit it was a last moment add. I could have not done the event any better than they did. In fact they have gone above and beyond my expectations. And not to discount the peace of mind that someone else is taking care of everything for a change. I could happily be part of the event, enjoy my friends and the ceremony. Here are a few pictures of their efforts for my event.

CYM made my day a truly memorable one and I cannot begin to appreciate how much. Sadly my friend moved out of the state so did her company. Now if only I can find someone similar to them again here where I live. **Sigh**. Thank you CYM team and my dear Lalitha for making the most important day of my life a truly memorable one.
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