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Book Critique 2016 – 04/11/2016: Air Bound (Sisters of the Heart/Sea Haven #3)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here.
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Stars: 4 / 5
Recommendation: Yes, if you want to continue with the Sea Haven novels, believe in siblings made even though not related by blood, believe in second chances and true love.

Sisters of the Heart / Sea Haven is the spin-off series from the Drake Sisters Novels written by Christine Feehan. Six women form a family after they meet in a special grief counselling group that deals with victims of violent crimes. Each of them had suffered extreme loss. While working through their grief, they form a unit loving and trusting each other. They combine their resources, buy large portion of the land in Sea Haven and form their own farming community. Each one of them own five acres and have a home of their own, the rest of the farm being shared among them. Though they don’t relate to each other by blood, they have form a bond through heart. Here are the stories of six strong women calling themselves as Sisters of the Heart, dealing with their past, overcoming unbelievable challenges and finding true love.

The series also follows the line of Prakenskiis - the seven sons of the seventh son - similar line to the Drakes but all men. They are born in Russia into a family with magic and psychic powers. As children their parents were murdered by corrupt Russian Government officials, separated from each other and placed in facilities that trained them brutally in every way to become enhanced soldiers and killing machines. Now each of the brothers are hunted by their government as their services are no longer required. It is said that where one Prakenskii settles the others get drawn there and settle. Ilya Prakenskii - seventh son and carrier of the family legacy - settles in Sea Haven after resigning from Interpol, marrying the sixth Drake sister, Joley Drake. Now the remaining brothers follow, leaving their past, striving on a second chance at the kind of life they want and falling for each of the six Sisters of the Heart.

Air Bound is the third installment in the Sisters of the Heart / Sea Haven series published in May of 2014. The story plot revolves around Airiana Ridell - third sister of the heart with an ability to control the element of Air and a child prodigy who was recruited to work for U.S. Government at the age of 7 - and Maxim Prakenskii - the fifth Prakenskii brother with an ability to control the element of Air and also trained by Russian government to be a killer.  The book goes back into the world of human trafficking that Elle Drake - the seventh and youngest Drake Sister - had brought down one head of the snake -Stavros Gratsos - in Hidden Currents.

Airiana Ridell had grew up not knowing who her father was and losing her mother while she was working on a special project since she was seven years old. And now she is being kidnapped by someone to take her back to her father whom she had never known. Theodotus Solovyov - the brilliant Russian scientist and contemporary to Damon Wilder (husband to Sarah Drake - oldest Drake Sister) trying to save whom Gavriil Prakenskii risked his career and now in hiding - turns out to be Airiana's father. Although her kidnappers had some other agenda on their plate, Maxim Prakenskii is taking her away from them directly to her father. Why does Theodotus want to talk to her now when he had never acknowledged her existence? Is it a coincidence that Damon Wilder had wanted to speak to her as well the same day she is being kidnapped - one whom she had met when she was 14 while working on her project for U.S. Department of Defence, for which Damon still worked?

Maxim was ordered to kidnap and bring Airiana to Theodotus and Evan Shackler-Gratsos, twin brother of the very-dead Stavros Gratsos. He has been told that Evan want to use her as leverage to force Theodotus to provide information that had been on the chip that was stolen from him by Jean-Claude La Roux but information lost now because it was floating in oil in one of the kaleidoscopes that Judith Henderson (another sister of the heart and wife of Stefan Prakenskii) had made. Maxim has his own set of plans while he is usurping Airiana from Evan's ship right under his nose.

Why was everyone suddenly interested in Airiana and her past work? How far will Maxim and Airiana go to bring down the human trafficker Evan Shackler-Gratsos? Will they be able to help Theodotus out of his trouble? Or is he really in trouble? Will Maxim accept Airiana for what she is to him? What is Airiana's past that terrifies her most? Why is Sorbacov cleaning up his schools and ordering hits on these men that he had created and who had served patriotically? Christine Feehan delves into the darker world of crimes unimaginable giving us glimpses of how cruel a man can be. Her writing makes one gets urge to become a Maximg or an Airiana to get such kind of scum out of this earth. This book definitely is a bit darker but it is something you should read and see more sides of the Sisters of the Heart and the Prakensii brothers.

Spoiler Alerts:
a) The biker club that was mentioned in Hidden Currents gets mentioned again here. I am curious to see if this relates to the new series Christine Feehan is spinning off of this series.
b) The oldest of the seven brothers is finally given a name in this book - Viktor Prakenskii. Maxim and Viktor systematically hunt and kill all the people responsible for his parents' murders. But they are still unable to reach the person who actually gave the order.
c) I am still waiting for Elle Drake and Jackson Deveau to come back from their extended honeymoon to see what they will do about Lev Prakenskii settling in Sea Haven - since he was connected with the Stavros Grastsos and although tried to save Elle Drake, Jackson might not see that way.
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