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Book Critique 2016 – 04/03/2016: Safe Harbor (Drake Sisters Novels #5)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here.
For the review of all the books in the series: Go here.

Stars: 4 / 5
Recommendation: If you believe that there is more than to everyone that involves with connection to elements of nature and human, then this is the series I recommend you pick.

Drake Sisters Novels are the first series in the Sea Haven Novels by Christine Feehan. Safe Harbor is the fifth installment in the Drake Sister Novels published in June of 2007. The much awaited story between Hannah Drake - having the ability to harness elements of wind, water and sea - and Jonas Harrington - Sheriff of Sea Haven and also a U. S. Army Ranger. This book was particularly very close to my heart in many levels - the courageous nature of Hannah to achieve her place in the world despite her shyness; the loyalty of Jonas and his love towards all of the Drake sisters; the final acceptance of each other's love; the violence that Jonas and Hannah face and come out high - from the first page to the last page it captured me.

Drake Sisters are seven sisters who are intertwined with each other and possess magical abilities to control not only elements of earth, water, fire and wind but also have psychic abilities. It is prophesied that when the locked gate of their family home opens to a stranger, he would be the true love of the oldest sister. And the rest of them follow tying themselves to the remaining sisters. Each of the sister is powerful in their own ways but the seventh sister, the youngest of all, not only most powerful but also bears the greatest gift of bearing the next generation of seven sisters. Like all powers come with a cost, so does the same for these sisters. It may not be a cost but each of them have to face the challenge that comes with their powers and overcome it as one unit - all the while finding (or escaping in some sisters' case) their true love.

Jonas Harrington had loved Hannah Drake for as long as he knew her. Despite his rudeness towards her or his rash comments, he would give his life or walk on fiery coals for her. Drake Sisters have always been his family and now their fiancées (the four older sisters who are engaged) along with his deputy Jackson Deveau encompass his family. But it was Hannah who always had his heart. Hannah Drake had been terribly shy, went on panic-attack when confronted or in distress situation and stuttered when spoken in public. Her sisters had always helped her cope with her flaws and encouraged her to become the top model in the world. She has a successful career as a model always in news and soughted after by different big names in fashion world. Yet she always felt she was with flaws, not beautiful and not as great as her sisters. Because of which she never thought she would be upto Jonas and argued / fought with him always - the only way she could curb her feelings for him.

On an undercover mission for his ex-boss in order to capture the Russian mob Peter Tarasov on tape killing an undercover agent, Jonas and Jackson get injured and barely escape. They return to Sea Haven thinking except their ex-boss no one else knew about them handling the operation. All seems in peace for Jonas until Hannah gets attacked by a crazed person at the New York fashion show - which was supposed to be her last assignment before she quit that job. An attack that leaves Hannah disfigured from face to waist - sliced everywhere - and almost loses her life if not for Ilya Prakenskii's timely intervention. If you remember, Ilya has been getting involved with the Drake family since past two books. In this particular, we get to see another side of Ilya - he is with similar abilities as the Drake Sisters and much more than what they have, a powerful witch with multiple abilities. And one such ability helps him hold Hannah to this world until all the Drake Sisters, their aunts and their mother gather to expend energy and life heat into Hannah to heal her.

But two more attempts occur on Hannah that puts everyone on alert. Despite her sisters healing her and the plastic surgeons amazing skills, the attacks have left Hannah very vulnerable. She starts questioning her identity as well. In the midst of all of this, Sergei Nikitin - another Russian mob - for whom Ilya works as a bodyguard constantly follows Hannah and Joley - his intentions unknown to anyone.

Who hates Hannah so much that they go to the extent of disfiguring her? Who is wanting to kill her? What is Nikitin's real motive? Who is Ilya and why is he pursuing Joley - is it more than just a pure male appreciation to a female? What secrets does Ilya hide? Why does he keep racking up favors to Drake family? Will Jonas and Hannah find each other among all the chaos? Will Hannah find herself? An intense plot involving international mobsters, spies, fashion world and murders that leaves Hannah and Jonas vulnerable in their safe harbor.

Read this book for certain as the plot thickens from basic magical elements to much more sinister stuff that a human mind even imagine and how these brave sisters face the challenges and outwit the enemy all along finding their true love.

Spoiler Alert: Jackson Deveau and Elle Drake have a history together that we see glimpses in past two books, but this book explores that further. So does Ilya Prakenskii's ties with Drake Family as well. Look for an entire chapter that shows the amazing love between the Drake sisters and Jonas and how they are intertwined together. The whole chapter makes you part of their family too.
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