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Book Critique 2016 – 03/28/2016: Magic in the Wind (Drake Sisters Novels #1)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here.

Stars: 4 / 5
Recommendation: If you believe that there is more than to everyone that involves with connection to elements of nature and human, then this is the series I recommend you pick.

Drake Sisters Novels are the first series in the Sea Haven Novels by Christine Feehan. Magic in the Wind is the first installment of Drake Sisters Novels published in July of 2003. They are seven sisters who are intertwined with each other and possess magical abilities to control not only elements of earth, water, fire and wind but also have psychic abilities.

It is prophesied that when the locked gate of their family home opens to a stranger, he would be the true love of the oldest sister. And the rest of them follow tying themselves to the remaining sisters. Each of the sister is powerful in their own ways but the seventh sister, the youngest of all, not only most powerful but also bears the greatest gift of bearing the next generation of seven sisters. Like all powers come with a cost, so does the same for these sisters. It may not be a cost but each of them have to face the challenge that comes with their powers and overcome it as one unit - all the while finding (or escaping in some sisters' case) their true love.

In the first book, Magic in the Wind, we follow how Sarah - the oldest Drake Sister - finds her true love in Damon Wilder. Damon had come to Sea Haven to find just that - a haven. Burned out, injured and retired scientist he was looking for a place where he can heal - body, mind and soul. But he became more and more intrigued about this person Sarah that everyone has been buzzing about, even the wind seemed to whisper. The intrigue takes him to the Drake home which surprisingly seems not impacted by the elements of weather. The retired scientist in him blooms his mind again sharpening it. But little did he know that his heart also would do the same the minute his eyes land on Sarah.

Sarah returned home, although on an assignment but was unsure why she was compelled to until Damon walked into her home through the gates past her dogs. His past, his present and what could happen to him grasped her as much intensely as the instant attraction between them. But Damon was not just carrying his past on his back but much more than a normal logic can explain.

Who are hunting Damon? What is the weight he is carrying? Will Sarah accept the prophecy? An interesting opening book for the series although it's a short series - totally different from her Dark (Carpathian) Series. Interesting enough for me to look up the remaining storied in the book and read them immediately. The prophecy also tells that when one sister returns home so the others will follow soon. Keep following my reviews, my gentle patrons, to see how these sisters face the fate, overcome the challenges and ultimately find their true love.
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