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Book Critique 2016 – 03/25/2016: Shot Through Velvet (Crime of Fashion, #7)

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here.
For review of books in the entire series: Go here.

Stars: 3.5 / 5
Recommendation: An easy mystery read that is weaved through the world of fashion, style and dressing from the view point of a fashion stylist.

Shot Through Velvet is the seventh installment in the Crime of Fashion series by Ellen Byerrum published in February of 2011. The time around Lacey gets tangled with Velvet and Murder - obviously with lots of fashion clues.

Lacey Smithsonian, the fashion reporter for The Eye Street Reporter at Washington, D. C., is touring the last velvet factory in Virginia as part of her article on the vanishing U.S. Textile Industry. Dominion Velvet's general manager Tom Nicholson had assured her that the closure was temporary and there were huge plans for the factory's future. She was not aware that the plans included finding the very dead blue body of Rodney Gibbs a.k.a. the Blue Devil - part owner in the company; a partner - completely dripped in blue color hanging from the overhead dye house tied to spool of velvet that was incompletely dyed. Vic Donovan, the newly hired security consultant to Dominion Velvet, had tipped off Lacey of the factory's closure. Now, standing beside her, he has second thoughts on his decision of giving her the scoop as well as regrets that he had listened to the client in starting his job a day later.

Knowing Lacey, despite what Vic says, she rolls up her sleeve and sets on to solve the murder of the dead man who literally wore bluuuuuue Velllll-vet - just like the song. To add to it she finds out that The Eye's publisher Claudia Darnell is a silent partner in the factory. People in Black Martin, Virginia and the workers at the factory feel that she helped pull the plug on them to close the factory. She felt some kind of animosity from the townsfolk towards Claudia. And the local reporter Will Adler, a constant by her side while investigating and who wanted to be the first on the case as well. Why was Rod Gibbs killed? What is the motive of the killer with all the blue velvet being left around the body? What is the role of Claudia in all this? Are the townsfolk right about her? Thus another adventure for Lacey begins, at least this time Vic was on her side for a change. Where does all this lead Lacey to? Well, read and find out. :)

Another good murder-mystery by Ellen with fashion clues. An easy read for those laze days. Enjoy the book and don’t forget the fashion bites. Here's a snippet from Lacey's Fashion Bites.

Lacey Smithsonian's Fashion Bites:  Shopping as an Art Form: Shop Early, Shop Often, Shop Well

Don/t shop when you are too hungry or too full. Hunger makes you cranky and you'll grab the first thing you see. If you just packed in a huge meal, you will feel too fat to try on clothes. I recommend a light protein-packed breakfast or lunch. You can always take a coffee break.
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