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Movie Critique 2016 – 03/24/2016: Blue Oranges

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a movie review.
Prologue: Go here.

Stars: 3 / 5
Recommendation: Good for watching sitting on couch and don’t expect too many variations in notes.

Happy Holi! Yes, on Mar 24th this year, the festival of colors Holi was celebrated by Indians all over the world. So for this day I wanted to post something related to Holi. On a search a link took to me to a list of movies that should be watched this Holi and one of the movie listed was Blue Oranges. I picked this only for the sake of the color name in the title that relates to festival of colors. However, this is a crime-thriller involving murder and mystery released in 2009.

I don’t remember this movie releasing anywhere so it was a new one for me. Added to that Rajit Kapur in the role of Detective Nilesh Bhargav piped me up to watch this movie. I am a huge fan of him for his role as Detective Byomkesh Bakshi in the TV Series of the same name. So, I had to watch it. And now for the review of Blue Oranges on the occasion of a happy festival of colors - Holi. **Wicked Grin**

Blue Oranges opens with Commissioner Dixit asking Detective Nilesh to take up the case of wrongly accused Kevin Travasso in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Shalini Chauhan. Nilesh believes that it is an open and shut case but on request from the commissioner he starts looking into the case. And it doesn’t seem all so simple an open and shut case anymore. A myriad of suspects open up for Nilesh along with many coincidence that he could not just ignore them. Thus begins the chase to find the killer of Shalini Chauhan? Was Kevin innocent? Or was there someone else framing Kevin? What was Shalini afraid of?

Well directed by Rajesh Ganguly keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats from the beginning. No over the fence acting by anyone but none memorable either except for Rajit Kapur. He fit seamlessly into the role of Detective Nilesh Bhargav although at times he looked a bit constipated - which I will attribute to the age. :P It was also a pleasure to watch Rati Agnihotri on screen again. The last I had seen her was in 2004 Hindi film Hum Tum ( = Me And You). She had acted in several movies after her re-entry to Hindi films in 2001 but I had watched only one or two of those in which she acted.

Although the plot was very good - almost a Poirot or Mason kind material but it seriously lacked comic relief. A bit of comedy could have freshen it up just like those sprigs of mint or cilantro garnishing a spicy biryani. Another thing that confused me was the tagline of the movie "Miracles are like Blue Oranges. They exist only in the realms of one's mind" - Where does it fit. I kind of get it a little but would have liked it explained a bit more.

More than once it is shown that Detective Nilesh and his daughter read from a book titled Blue Oranges. And I wondered if it really was an actual book. Turns out it is not but I had got tons of references to the 1964 French film Tintin and the Blue Oranges. On my list next to watch this soon, of course an English version of it though. :)

Opening scenes and sequences reminded me of the video of the remix song "Chaandni Raatein" where the girl falls in love with a poor artist but leaves him and marries someone else. Although in the movie its not exactly so.

Coming back to the movie, certainly this thriller will keep you on toes and does not get you sleepy or boring as the suspect count keeps on increasing. At one point it just becomes a guessing game to the viewer not knowing who was the actual orchestrator of the sequence of events here. Enjoy it lazing on your sofa sipping a refreshing drink!
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