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Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here.
For review of all books under Ghostwalker series: Go here.

Stars: 3.5 / 5
Recommendation: A good one to have the continuity of the series involving mystery, bondage eroticism, science and undefined.

Ghostwalkers are a group of women and men who special talents, including psychic and physical abilities (both enhanced genetically and natural) and some abilities more rarer than others. Dr. Peter Whitney had spear-headed this operation for a long time. In the beginning he used girls - orphans from around the world who had psychic abilities - for his experiments. Later on he had got ridden of those orphans except for Lily whom he adopted. The Ghostwalkers learn that Whitney had paired the male and female ghostwalkers through genetic pheromones so he could get them to produce the next generation of super soldiers. Supposedly dead Whitney is in hiding elsewhere  where he continued experimenting on the remaining girls (once he didn’t deem as failures). Lily Whitney-Miller and her husband Captain Ryland Miller - head of Team One: Rangers and Green Berets Ghostwalkers Team (Army) - are determined to find these orphaned girls and other Ghostwalkers to keep the safe and alive hoping to right the wrongs her father had committed.

Spider Game is the twelfth installment in the Ghostwalker Series by Christine Feehan published in January of 2016. The plot revolves around Trap Dawkins - a genius scientist and part of Team Four: Elite Air Force Pararescue Team - and Cayenne - one of the discards by Dr. Whitney with spider-like enhancements. We got introduced to Cayenne in Viper Game when Team Four attack the facility to save Wyatt Fontenot and Pepper's kids. They save Cayenne too in the process. But the pheromones take into action the moment Trap meets Cayenne making them another pair matched by Whitney. Cayenne escapes from them after freed and Trap sets upon searching for her. That's where the story in this book begins.

Trap Dawkins buys the area where the facility was and rebuilds it but makes the basement keeping Cayenne in mind. He is determined to find her not just because he has been paired with her, but also because he feels a kinship towards her that goes beyond the pheromones. Finally when he meets her again, the attraction that had been between them couldn’t be avoided anymore. But both Trap and Cayenne have their own demons that they need to fight along with the soldiers that Whitney keeps throwing at them.

Trap's past is crueler than anyone can imagine. It gave me shudders reading through it. So is Cayenne's - who would want to be pinned down on a table and looked at by everyone like an insect. Christine has expressed their lives so well that I could literally feel their emotions. So it was very hard not to empathize with them. However, this was the only book that I skipped reading all the erotic scenes more because they involved bondage which I have an aversion to it. Christine is trying newer avenues in the eroticism world, perhaps, but I would like her to go back to what she had written in past books. Then there was lesser of Whitney in this book compared to others. Wonder what is cooking in Christine's brain for Whitney!!

If not for the plot I probably would have put this book down mid-way just like how I did with Fifty Shades of Grey. I would recommend this book for the story but not for the erotic part. Enjoy the read!!

With this, my reviews on Ghostwalker series books concludes until Christine writes the next in the series. I am looking forward to see what more enhancements Whitney would come up with, who the next pair would be and more over to see if Whitney gets kicked again. :)

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