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Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here.
For review of all books under Ghostwalker series: Go here.

Stars: 4 / 5
Recommendation: A good one to have the continuity of the series involving mystery, eroticism, science and undefined.

Viper Game was the 11th installment in the Ghostwalker Series by Christine Feehan published in January of 2015. The book reveals Team Four: Elite Air Force Pararescue Team with this story. It revolves around Wyatt  Fontenot - a natural healer and surgeon - and Pepper - a discard per Dr. Peter Whitney per his experiments - both enhanced to be killers.

Ghostwalkers are a group of women and men who special talents, including psychic and physical abilities (both enhanced genetically and natural) and some abilities more rarer than others. Dr. Peter Whitney had spear-headed this operation for a long time. In the beginning he used girls - orphans from around the world who had psychic abilities - for his experiments. Later on he had got ridden of those orphans except for Lily whom he adopted. The Ghostwalkers learn that Whitney had paired the male and female ghostwalkers through genetic pheromones so he could get them to produce the next generation of super soldiers. Supposedly dead Whitney is in hiding elsewhere  where he continued experimenting on the remaining girls (once he didn’t deem as failures). Lily Whitney-Miller and her husband Captain Ryland Miller - head of Team One: Rangers and Green Berets Ghostwalkers Team (Army) - are determined to find these orphaned girls and other Ghostwalkers to keep the safe and alive hoping to right the wrongs her father had committed.

In the third book, Night Game, we get introduced to the Fontenot family. Raoul "Gator" Fontenot's younger brother is Wyatt Fontenot. He was depicted as a natural healer and moving on to become a successful surgeon.  He joins the ghostwalker program of Dr. Whitney willingly a girl he thought he loved had ended the relation. Even though he had joined the program in a temper, he was fully prepared for physical and psychic enhancements to be done on his body. But he was not prepared for the genetic enhancements added to him (injected with cat-genes to give cat-like abilities) and the secret that Dr. Whitney had kept from him. Now years later his grandmother reached out to him to come back to the Bayou to help him on a situation at his homefront. He left the bayou a healer and now returned a killer.

Pepper was considered as a discard by Dr. Whitney (hence the name of a Spice. He named his successful experiments after a flower while the others against spices or inanimate objects) but unlike others whom he had disposed off carelessly, he had converted her into a weapon - equal in every way to the male ghostwalkers he experimented on. He had enhanced her genetically as well by injecting her with Snake Venom thus giving her snake-like abilities as well as experimented to create anti-venom for Whitney's soldiers. She also is transformed to a seductress who would lure the targets, inject them with snake venom and kill them eventually.

The instant attraction between Pepper and Wyatt is above any level that has been quoted so far in the series. However, Pepper, being a seductress, has similar affect with ever man. Wyatt turns into a possessive cat - a dangerous combination when one counts all the other enhanced qualities in him. She escapes from Dr. Whitney's compound in the bayou and takes refuge in  Wyatt's grandmother's home. But she is not alone, she comes with one of triplet girls that she was assigned to take care of in the compound. Now she needs help from Wyatt in going back to the compound and rescue the remaining two girls. Reluctant and suspicious at first, once he knew his connection to Pepper and triplets, Wyatt leaves no stone unturned in helping her and save the remaining two kids.

This book reveals another side of Dr. Peter Whitney and shows how much he is evolving even though the ghostwalkers are evolving. Newer scientific experiments, newer genetic injects and newer ways to make a human body a killer - its mind-blowing how far a scientist could go if there were no bounds and had enough wealth. A chill ran up my spine and my hairs stood-up whenever I was reading chapters about Dr. Whitney. Story concocted very well by Christine.

What bothered me in the book was the over-possessiveness of Wyatt with Pepper. Granted that she was made into a seductress and her body is always on edge around men. But Wyatt's character was totally being out of his character whenever it involved Pepper. It was coming under my nerves at some cases. However, the battle between the seductress and a killer was fun to watch.

A bonus that we get with this novel is the meeting of Trap Dawkins - genius scientist on Team Four - and Cayenne - another ghostwalker enhances in every way but marked for termination by Whitney. Natural progression would be for Christine to spin a web around these two characters in her next book.

Coming back to Viper Game, another good one to pick up for continuation of the series.

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