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Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a book review.
Prologue: Go here.
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Stars: 4 / 5
Recommendation: A definite pick if you are into paranormal romance with a touch of eroticism and the unbelievable.

Deadly Game is the fifth installment in the Ghostwalker Series by Christine Feehan and published in February 2007. This is kind of a sequel to Conspiracy Game and involves the Ghostwalkers Ken Norton - Jack Norton's twin - and Marigold "Mari" Smith - twin to Briony "Bri" Jenkins (Wife of Jack Norton).

Ghostwalkers are a group of women and men who are sent on special missions. They have psychic abilities, physical abilities (both enhanced genetically and natural) and some abilities more rare than others. Dr. Peter Whitney had spear-headed this operation for a long time. In the beginning he used orphans from around the world who had psychic abilities for his experiments. Later on he had got ridden of those orphans except for Lily whom he adopted. His experiments knew no bounds and no one knew to what extent he had performed on everyone - injected with animal genes, force-injected cancer cells, paired the male and female ghostwalkers so he could get them to produce the next generation of super soldiers, and much more. He even goes to the extent to create situations that make these couples meet even at the cost of their lives. His atrocities went beyond imagination. And now with ghostwalkers from Two Teams identified, they come to know that Whitney is infact not dead as they had assumed, but re-located elsewhere to continue his experiments.

Lily Whitney-Miller and her husband Captain Ryland Miller - head of Team One: Rangers and Green Berets Ghostwalkers Team (Army) - take it up on themselves to find those orphaned and discarded girls by Whitney and also other Ghostwalkers. Lily is determined to share her wealth, home and knowledge to keep all the ghostwalkers safe and alive - hoping to right the wrongs her father had committed.

Ken Norton, twin of Jack Norton, had been sent to Democratic Republic of Congo on a dangerous mission - to rescue the captured American Senator by the hard-code rebels of Congo. In the process he gets captured and tortured by them to the extent that any human cannot imagine do that to another human body. The plot for this book takes off where Conspiracy Game was left off. Jack and Ken promise Briony to find her twin sister Marigold "Mari" Smith and bring her back to safety. But Ken  and his team are again sent to save the same Senator - Senator Ed Freeman - and his wife Violet Smythe-Freeman from a supposedly assignation plot.

However when they reach the location they find out two things - That Violet is also a ghostwalker like them. And that the supposedly assassination squad is also another ghostwalker team. In the crossfire (although no one is hurt), one of the team member from the other team gets captured by Ken and his team. She turns out to be Marigold - twin of Briony. While keeping her under lock and key and yet giving her the necessary treatment, Ken and Mari learn quite a few things - that Dr. Whitney is indeed alive; that there are other female ghostwalkers still in the compound where Mari is located; that the male ghostwalkers there are more of super soldiers without any conscious and built to operate like killing machines; and finally that Mari is the one who is paired with Ken. This begins the struggle, journey and path for Ken and Mari.

This book touched me a lot because of several reasons. Both Ken and Mari had faced tortures at Dr. Whitney's hands that run deep in them. Both come with abilities that no one knows about and some they themselves hadnt know. Then the various tortures the rest of the ghostwalker women endure. The cruel and cold behavior of Dr. Whitney to the ghostwalker women. The enhanced super solders who form Whitney's personal force show no compassion towards these women which wrenched my heart.  A deadly game being played by Whitney as well as Norton and Mari here.

The plot is fast-paced with many characters from Team Two: Paramilitary Ghostwalkers Team (Navy SEALs) and Team One: Rangers and Green Berets Ghostwalkers Team (Army) - all spun in together. One gets a cohesive picture in this book and also gives us a glimpse into what might be Dr. Whitney's future plan with all these  three teams and his women ghostwalkers. And the people of teams itself - one cannot empathize and sympathize with them. A master story teller as such can only spin as well as Christine Feehan has.

Recommend to continue to read the series for the plots, the characters and the web that is all around them.

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