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Television Critique 2016 – 01/10/2016: Murdoch Mysteries: Season II

Murdoch Mysteries: Famous Personalities, Inventions and Stepping Stones for 21st Century items - Season II

Continuing with the critiques I started in 2015, here is the next in series – a TV Show review.
Prologue: Go here.
Introduction of the series in my words, go here.
For Review of all the seasons in this series: Go here.

My obsession with this period set detective series continues to the second season. In each of these episodes we get to glimpse the inventions and discoveries to modern world, meet with famous people and solve interesting murders.

Episode 1: Murdoch investigates a murder when Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and the enitre troupe come to Toronto for their performances. Murdoch introduces the concept of collecting trace evidence like hair, dust, particles, etc. He uses a rudimentary form of applying glue over pieces of wax paper and collecting them, bagging and tagging them. Constable Crabtree uses the similar concept to create something similar to scotch tape, although he calls it as "Constable Crabtree's Household Adhesive strips" (obviously a name that would have been abbreviated. :))

Episode 2: Murdoch demonstrates his invention of a torch light that emits UV Light which would in future be the best equipment to see evidence of fluids and any other external liquids or finger prints at a crime scene that we normally cannot see with naked eye. The Scotland Yard detective who joins Murdoch in this case presents a game of Snakes and Ladders to the constables whose Checkers game he had destroyed out of frustration. It becomes a rave at the precinct much to the delight of everyone except for Inspector Brackenreid.

Episode 3: Murdoch demonstrates the concept of Rontgen's Rays, also called as X-Rays, to see thru solid objects. His equipment is really elaborate....it amazes how easy it is to use them now. The episode ends with Murdoch in future where he sees himself with a family in the same area where this crime was committed. A future with cars but still past for this time of the world we are in in the series.

Episode 4: This episode Murdoch comes face to face with Houdini, a younger version, when he was yet to become famous.

Episode 5: One gets to see the "Electric Carriage" which is described as one of the first in the city. Murdoch calls it, "That's quite a contraption."

Episode 6: The word “hunch” gets introduced into the Detective Murdoch’s dictionary. Constable Crabtree mentions that it's what young people were using lately. :)

Episode 7: In the beginning of the episode Detective Murdoch experiments based on principles used by Mongol Warriors in the 13th century where they had the ability to not get affected by arrows. Towards the end we get to see his self-made Bullet Proof Vest based on the same principle. Per his explanation, it contains layers and layers and layers of silk and for extra measure surrounded by a metal plate.

Episode 8: Cyanide is frequently referred to as Prussic Acid in this episode; it's chemical name. It also shows Murdoch working on the murder of a professor who was building his own Babbage’s Analytical Engine which could solve complex mathematical problems at a speed far beyond human. This would be perhaps predecessor for our computers now. One of the suspect also demonstrates the first film projector manufactured by Thomas Edison. They also show about a company manufacturing Automatons AKA Robots but not perfected yet as the dead professor was working on making it to think, analyze and react.

Episode 9: Detective Murdoch is seen working on creating a pair of goggles that he can use to see at night. Incidentally Inspector Brackenreid calls it Night Vision Goggles…which pretty much is the modern name.

Episode 10: The episode shows a network of telegraph operators and explains how they are interconnected, communicate and chat. Another predecessor to modern day internet and world wide web. Has the whole technology of internet based on this old system of communication? Perhaps…

Episode 12: The episode ends with Detective Murdoch giving a book called “From the earth to the moon” to a kid and explains the possibility of building something that could take them to moon. He does mention that perhaps it may happen in future, not in his lifetime but in the kid’s lifetime. And we know we have seen that happening in early 20th century the same - man stepping foot on the moon.

Episode 13: Aluminum is first introduced in this episode as the new metal revolutionizing in manufacturing. And century later we use it everywhere…for good or for worse. The beginnings of human mannerisms being used in investigation is also demonstrated. And we get to see them flying in a hot air balloon, a massive one indeed.

Stars: 4/5
My Recommendation: A must watch
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