Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Magic In Tunes: 12/19/2015 - Wreck On The Highway

I had heard a few songs that had theme of a crash or an accident, but hadnt one that was so beautifully sung as done by Bruce Springsteen in this song. Its from his fifth album The River released in 1980.

Lyrics in English:

Last Night I Was Out Driving
Coming Home At The End Of The Working Day
I Was Riding Alone Through The Drizzling Rain
On A Deserted Stretch Of A County Two-Lane
When I Came Upon A Wreck On The Highway

There Was Blood And Glass All Over
And There Was Nobody There But Me
As The Rain Tumbled Down Hard And Cold
I Seen A Young Man Lying By The Side Of The Road
He Cried Mister, Won't You Help Me Please

An Ambulance Finally Came And Took Him To Riverside
I Watched As They Drove Him Away
And I Thought Of A Girlfriend Or A Young Wife
And A State Trooper Knocking In The Middle Of The Night
To Say Your Baby Died In A Wreck On The Highway

Sometimes I Sit Up In The Darkness
And I Watch My Baby As She Sleeps
Then I Climb In Bed And I Hold Her Tight
I Just Lay There Awake In The Middle Of The Night
Thinking 'Bout The Wreck On The Highway
Tags: english, magic in tunes, music

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