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Pichla | Agla

We celebrated Diwali as a global event at our work place on this day. Not only we had food and entertainment we also had a booth showcasing the different clothing articles that people could try on and take pictures and a display table that showed different items of Diwali as well as India. It was such a pleasure to see so many employees come for the event and participate in the festivities. As part of the entertainment we had a Fashion Walk and a Group Dance.

I had participated in the Fashion Walk. The theme was to showcase the bridal outfits from major regions in India covering all the corners. I represented Tamil region (They had Tamilnadu and Kerala as the only South Indian regions) (last but one pair in the video - Blue Saree). Interesting part was that most of the participants were non-Indians who were very excited to wear the outfits, be part of the festivities and know a bit more about the festival and country. The only flaw was that not all speakers were working in that room which toned the music so low that we barely could hear it when we were performing.

But I have to say being a model ain't an easy job. Just for this few minutes we went through so many practice sessions, do-overs and then angles to look right on the camera - Indeed a tough job. Everything doesn’t look rosy behind the curtain as it seems on the ramp. However, this one was a beautiful and successful event that I am looking forward to it again next year. The video below is partial as my friend hadnt recorded from the beginning but I am there so you can see me. :)

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