Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Magic In Tunes: 10/25/2015 - Streets Of Philadelphia

During this trip to visit a few friends one of the stops was Philadelphia. Although I had seen it before this time around I went with my friend to places that I didn’t visit before except for Rocky Steps (I had to go there again. :P). It was literally touring through the Streets of Philadelphia. When I commented so my friend said, "Do you know there is a song with the same title Sung by Bruce Springsteen?" Really…hmm…definitely going into my music blog, thought I. So, here it is as I promised myself, the song that came into my friend's mind when we were enjoying the city.

Bruce performed this song for 1993 film Philadelphia. He had written the Lyrics himself. Considering the subject of the movie, the song reflects the mood aptly. However we were much happier than the song's mood. :)

Lyrics in English:

I Was Bruised And Battered, I Couldn't Tell What I Felt.
I Was Unrecognizable To Myself.
I Saw My Reflection In A Window, I Didn't Know My Own Face.
Oh Brother Are You Gonna Leave Me Wastin' Away
On The Streets Of Philadelphia.

I Walked The Avenue, 'Til My Legs Felt Like Stone,
I Heard The Voices Of Friends Vanished And Gone,
At Night I Could Hear The Blood In My Veins,
Black And Whispering As The Rain,
On The Streets Of Philadelphia.

Ain't No Angel Gonna Greet Me.
It's Just You And I My Friend.
My Clothes Don't Fit Me No More,
I Walked A Thousand Miles
Just To Slip This Skin.

The Night Has Fallen, I'm Lyin' Awake,
I Can Feel Myself Fading Away,
So Receive Me Brother With Your Faithless Kiss,
Or Will We Leave Each Other Alone Like This
On The Streets Of Philadelphia
Tags: english, friends, magic in tunes, music, travels

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