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Magic In Tunes: 10/10/2015 - Eye Of The Tiger

This year I participated in the Hartford Half Marathon again. Finished it in 3 hrs 13 mins. Good part was that this time around I didn't get injured (past two years I have got injured in this specific event), so, very pleased that I broke the curse (if you may call.. ;)). Better part was that I finished the entire run without stopping anywhere except at the water stations, even though I had to keep my pace slow on doctor's advice. And finally the best part was that I came out with Two Medals - One for the Half Marathon that I finished today. And the second one for the Progressive Run that I had signed-up earlier this year (5K in July, 10K in August and 1/2 Marathon Today). It was definitely a perfect way to finish the year. Super super cool!!

One of the song that was on play list was this one titled Eye Of The Tiger, Sung by the American rock band Survivor for their 1982 album with the same name. I believe I had the Rocky III version on iPod, but here I am playing the video of the original version. The song was Written by Survivor guitarist Frankie Sullivan and keyboardist Jim Peterik.

Lyrics in English:

Risin' Up, Back On The Street
Did My Time, Took My Chances
Went The Distance
Now I'm Back On My Feet
Just A Man And His Will To Survive

So Many Times, It Happens Too Fast
You Trade Your Passion For Glory
Don't Lose Your Grip On The Dreams Of The Past
You Must Fight Just To Keep Them Alive

It's The Eye Of The Tiger
It's The Thrill Of The Fight
Risin' Up To The Challenge
Of Our Rival
And The Last Known Survivor
Stalks His Prey In The Night
And He's Watching Us All With The
Eye Of The Tiger

Face To Face, Out In The Heat
Hangin' Tough, Stayin' Hungry
They Stack The Odds
Still We Take To The Street
For The Kill With The Skill To Survive

Risin' Up Straight To The Top
Had The Guts, Got The Glory
Went The Distance
Now I'm Not Gonna Stop
Just A Man And His Will To Survive

The Eye Of The Tiger
The Eye Of The Tiger
The Eye Of The Tiger
The Eye Of The Tiger
Tags: english, exercise, magic in tunes, marathon, music, running, workout

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