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Magic In Tunes: 09/27/2015 - Oh Chandamaama Andaala Bhaama, Endunnado Palkumaa

This year we had the rise Super Moon coincide with the Lunar Eclipse the very night on September 27th. Another beautiful moment that took my breathe away and can never forget it as long as I breathe.

Traditionally moon has been the subject of many poets to describe beauty, hurt, love, pain and sometimes distress. Here is one old-world melody Sung by Ghantasala where the lead actor, N. T. Ramarao, ardently pleads to the moon asking where is his beloved. Music has been composed by Ghantasala himself and Lyrics penned by Kosaraju. This beautiful melody is from the 1956 Telugu film Jayam Manade ( = Win Is Ours). Although the tune seems to be either used in some other song or must be a remake of another older song, not sure. Again something to chew for in future.

This song actually could be considered as a duet as the female singer (perhaps Jikki) hums the last few notes. However no where I could find this being listed as a duet.

Lyrics in Romanized Telugu:

Oh Chandamaama Andaala Bhaama, Endunnado Palkumaa
Oh Chandamaama Andaala Bhaama, Endunnado Palkumaa

Sogasu Vayasu Tana Laavanyame Chaalani, Sogasu Vayasu Tana Laavanyame Chaalani
Paisoyagaalu Elani Laalinchumaa, Soyagaalu Elani Laalinchumaa
Oh Chandamaama Andaala Bhaama, Endunnado Palkumaa

Madilo Medile Madhuraanandame Taanani, Madilo Medile Madhuraanandame Taanani
Ika Aalasincha Raadani Bodhinchumaa, Aalasincha Raadani Bodhinchumaa
Oh Chandamaama Andaala Bhaama, Endunnado Palkumaa
Aa Aa Aa Aa O O O O Aa Aa Aa
Tags: eclipse, magic in tunes, music, nature, telugu

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