Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Magic In Tunes: 09/26/2015 - Fire In The Water

I had been thinking of going to the Water-Fire Show in Providence, RI for a while and finally could make it that weekend. It really is a very sensual and romantic event. When the sun goes down, the fires come up on the water all thru the Providence River. The crisp air warmed by the glowing fires - it’s a feeling that I cannot perhaps put in words. Truly magical.

Well, keeping in the spirit of the moment, here is the song Fire In The Water from the 2012 American blockbuster The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 that was Sung by Leslie Feist. She also wrote the song which was used for the intimate scene between Edward and Bella. A very sensual moment there, perfect for the song.

Lyrics in English:

Love's The Sweetest Feeling
Openly Believing
No Matter What We Find There
Come Back In Through The Eyes There
Sole And Born Creation
The Lion's In The House
Flowers Are Up In The Air
Crashing Against The Dark

Ah, Ahhah Ah...

Fire In The Water
Is The Body Of Our Love
Nobody Should See This
The Freeness Of The Light

Fire In The Water
Is The Body Of Our Love
Tags: english, magic in tunes, music, places, travels

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