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Magic In Tunes: 09/18/2015 - Oh, Won't You Hold My Hand?

We had a wonderful picnic retreat organized by the company I work for the same day we had Ganesh Chathurthi (the previous day). After the festivities at our respective homes were done, it was perfect way to end the day with friends and colleagues. We had so much enjoying the food, surprise door prizes, selfie photo booth, playing volleyball and cricket. A final outdoor celebration before the cold season kicks in, nice way to bid good-bye to Summer and welcome Fall. :)

This 2015 Coca Cola commercial is perfect for this kind of occasions that reminds one of summer picnics, family gatherings and friendly cookouts / bbqs / potlucks. Although the lyrics don’t necessarily talk about picnics yet, what better song than to play the same for the outing we had. :)

Here is the video of the originals song. It was Sung by Jess Glynne which was released as a single from her 2015 album I Cry When I Laugh.  It was written by Jack Patterson, Janee Bennett, Ina Wroldsen and Glynne. Song is picturized really well, in the wild wild west perhaps.

Lyrics in English:

Standing In A Crowded Room And I Can't See Your Face
Put Your Arms Around Me, Tell Me Everything's OK
In My Mind, I'm Running Round A Cold And Empty Space
Just Put Your Arms Around Me, Tell Me Everything's OK

Break My Bones But You Won't See Me Fall, Oh
The Rising Tide Will Rise Against Them All, Oh

Darling, Hold My Hand
Oh, Won't You Hold My Hand?
'Cause I Don't Wanna Walk On My Own Anymore
Won't You Understand? 'Cause I Don't Wanna Walk Alone
I'm Ready For This, There's No Denying
I'm Ready For This, You Stop Me Falling
I'm Ready For This, I Need You All In
I'm Ready For This, So Darling, Hold My Hand

Soul Is Like A Melting Pot When You're Not Next To Me
Tell Me That You've Got Me And You're Never Gonna Leave
Tryna Find A Moment Where I Can Find Release
Please Tell Me That You've Got Me And You're Never Gonna Leave



Don't Wanna Know
That Feeling When I'm All Alone
So Please Don't Make Me Wait, 'Cause I Don't Wanna Break
And I Don't Wanna Fall
When You're Next To Me
Can Tell I'm Not Afraid To Be
That You Don't Make Me Wait, And Never Let Me Break
You Never Let Me Fall

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