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Book Critique 2015 – Edge Of Darkness

Edge Of Darkness is an anthology that includes three stories by three different authors filled with dark fantasy, romance and fight of good over evil.

First story is Dark Crime by Christine Feehan bringing us again into the world of Carpathians. Blaze McGuire has all been ready to sacrifice her life in killing the murderers of her father, Sean Mcguire. However, as a last attempt she reaches out to Maksim Volkov and Tariq Asenguard to take care of her inheritance if she doesn’t come out alive. This perhaps was the best thing that Blaze did since her father’s death. Maksim recognizes his lifemate his her voice and becomes more determined to save her and at the same time avenge her father’s death. In the process they encounter two powerful vampires, who once had been honorable Carpathian males but gave in to the dark. They are on hunt for human females who have psychic powers in an attempt to make them their mate and hoping for a better life. Blaze has a sister/friend Emeline who is also wanted by these vampires. What Blaze, Tariq, Emeline and Maksim don’t know is that these vampires have a larger agenda than they can fathom. The rest of the story unfolds in how the avenge Sean’s death, protect Blaze, save Emeline (although she gets attacked by the master vampire) and eventually free the town of this set of hooligans.

Second story is Dead By Twilight by Maggie Shayne which opens to a world where Humans and Vampires co-exist even so if it is grudgingly and save the world from the ills of both species. Chloe Madison, converted to a vampire some sixty plus years ago, works for the Syracuse PD in eliminating the vampire that have turned rogue. Although no one in her department knows that she is a vampire, she manages to keep herself under the radar until one night where she crosses paths with Investigator Shepherd Daniels, NYPD. She recognizes Shepherd as being born with the Belladonna Antigen, similar to her, making him The Chosen (She was one once). Her protective instincts towards him clashes with the territorial feeling both have over the case, mixing with the mutual sexual attraction they seem to have. Together they team, however unwillingly, to fight the vampire who has been going on a killing spree.

Third story is Cimarron Spirit by Lori Herter that reveals of a centuries-old vampire who only want to live, no matter how hateful he is of being a Vampire. Annie Carmichael takes up residence with Brent Logan in the hopes of excavating an Anasazi ruin on his property while Brent wishes to marry her and be his wife and step-mom for his daughter. Annie’s chance encounter with the Rafael de la Vega, who originally owns the land but loses in the dispute with Logan, opens her world into hidden passions and unbidden ecstasy, even though she is leaning towards accepting Brent’s proposal. The rest of the story unfolds in how Rafael became a vampire, in the turmoil that Annie faces choosing between Rafael and Brent and the kind of life she wants eventually.

All three stories have strong characters, interesting plot and charming endings. However, I found them incomplete. In Dark Crime, there is no way to figure out where Feehan is going to link Maksim and Tariq to already existing Carpathian lines. Also as opposed to her other stories the master vampires escape seriously injuring Emeline. There is only a small win for the good in this. However, having read Feehan’s other books in the Dark Series, I am confident and also looking forward to read the continuation in her future books. Yet, it left me incomplete.

Dead By Twilight, has given a closure to the crimes. But not to the romance between Shepherd and Chloe. Oh yeah, their attraction is accepted between them, but what will happen to them. Will Shepherd get converted to a Vampire? Will Chloe find some kind of miraculous cure that turns her back to human? What is their fate is totally open for reader’s minds. Not having read much of Maggie Shayne’s books before, not sure if this story would eventually link into her future books. Would be interesting to see if it will.

Cimarron Spirit although has a closure, there are still several unanswered questions similar to Dead By Twilight. If I reveal my questions I perhaps will unerringly reveal the entire story so will refrain from posting here. Not having read Lori Herter before, I can say that I was charmed by the simple story that she wove between these small set of characters.

All in all another book that can be thoroughly enjoyed if you are into the fantasy world of vampires and immortals.
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