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Magic In Tunes: 09/02/2015 - Manmohini Teri Ada

This beautiful melody is from the 1999 hit Hindi musical film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ( = I Have Given My Heart, Beloved). The song basically describes the beauty of the girl along with courage and determination that she portrays while playing the game. This movie in itself would be a blog post. However, the reason for me to mention this song is the game. I remember playing this game as a kid. Its commonly called as Lagori but we called it as Yedu Penkulaata ( = Game Of Seven Slabs). (More on the game here). A traditional game that was passed on down generations but sadly not seen played by the next generation, at least here in US. I hope in India they still play it. Full of energy, needs a lot of strategy, a bit of shrewdness and rest sheer determination to win the game. Oh, how I loved to play this. Given a chance I would like to introduce this as a team building activity for our next offsite meeting (have to talk to my team…**Thinking deep**). :)

Here, enjoy this song as well as the game. Sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Music was composed by Ismail Darbar and Lyrics penned by Mehboob.

Lyrics in Romanized Hindi:

Hey Mitti Pe Kheenchi Lakeerein; Rab Ne To Yeh Tasveer Bani
Aag Hawa Paani Ko Milaya; To Phir Yeh Tasveer Saji
Aye.. Hasti Teri Vishal Ho..Kudrat Ka Tu Kamaal

Hey.. Manmohini Teri Adaa; Tujhe Jab Dekh Le To Phir Ghata
Barse Jhar Jhar Jhar Jhar Jhar Jhar; Sa Ra Ra Sa Ra Ra Naache
Chamak Chamak Woh Bijli Deewani
Hai Bemisal Tu Gori Gori Anchhui; Tujhmein Hai Kudrat Saari Khoyi
Tujhmein Kudrat Saari Khoyi Khoyi; Tujhmein Kudrat Saari Khoyi Khoyi

Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha; Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha
Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha; Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha
Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha; Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha

Mitti Ki Hai Moorat Teri; Masoomiyat Fitrat Teri
Yeh Saadapan, Yeh Bholapan; Tu Mehki Mehki, Tu Lehki Lehki
Tu Chali Chali Har Gali Gali; Tu Hawa Ke Dhang Sang Sanan Sanan
Mera Ang Ang Jaise Jal Tarang; Koyi Lehar Lehar Chali Thehar Thehar
Paani Ka Mel Tere Tan Badan; Jhar Jhar Ra Jhar Ra Angaare Jaisa
Tera Rom Rom Hai Dehka Dehka; Agni Ka Khel Tu Agan Agan

Zara Thirak Thirak, Zara Lachak Lachak; Kabhi Matak Matak, Kabhi Thumak Thumak
Chali Jhoom Jhoom, Kabhi Ghoom Ghoom; Dharti Ko Choom Machi Dhoom Dhoom
Chanchal Badi Tu Natkhat Badi; Tu Behki Bahaar Ras Ki Fuhaar
Tere Teekhe Nain, Tere Kesh Rain; Yeh Balkhana Yeh Itrana

Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha; Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha
Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha; Hey Aaha Hey Hey Aaha
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