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Magic In Tunes: 08/18/2015 – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Finally got to watch the fifth installment in the Mission Impossible series, titled Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. I had started watching these movies for Tom Cruise…but later I simply watch it for the story, the different gadgets, the amazing locations, stunts and of course the ever growing inventive criminal organizations. In this installment, Ethan Hunt ( by Tom Cruise) becomes rogue agent without a country on the run to prove the existence of The Syndicate.

Imressive cinematography, amazing spy gadgets and super cool stunts blended with the conspiracy of British govt to finance The Syndicate. Covert operations between CIA, IMF and MI6 all either keeping or destroying it, while Solomon Lane and Ethan Hunt besting each other in not only trying to find but destroy too.

Who could imagine a huge underwater server beneath a power station to store information! I personally felt this as the highlight of the movie - the entire scene where Ethan along with his IMF colleague Benji and MI6 Rogue agent Faust work on retrieving the “Red Box” containing the entire information on The Syndicate. Ilsa Faust (by Rebecca Ferguson) is a certainly a perfect addition to IMF. It was really intriguing to see her walking up all over the opera house in Vienna in her silky long sheath dress.

My friend would oppose by telling that the best scene was the motorbike chase between Faust and The Syndicate team along with Ethan tagging along. Indeed that scene pumped one with a rush of blood thru them and makes you feel one with either Faust or Ethan on those superb bikes. (I wonder what make and model were they!)

My nephews would say that the flight scene was the best though. Boys, of course would love the big toys. :)

Ofcourse, don’t forget Alan Hunley (by Alec Baldwin) who strongly opposes for IMF to exist when eventually becomes the Secretary for IMF in the end.  We get to see Jeremy Renner in his charming self again as Wiliam Brandt, Field Operations Director of IMF. There are certainly comic reliefs like the scene where Luther and Brandt are searching for Ethan and Benji in Morocco comes across side-by-side with them in a car chsing Faust and The Syndicate. That moment of silence spoke volumes. How can one not laugh when Brandt keeps on saying “I can neither deny nor confirm this without the approval of Mr. Secretary” whenever Hunley bases him with accusations of the rogue methods of IMF.

All-in-all another hit movie by Mission Impossible team, a strong contender for Bond’s Spectre coming in November. I wonder what the 6th installment would be now for Ethan Hunt and the IMF. And already looking forward to it.
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