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Magic In Tunes: 08/16/2015 – Dragon Boat Race 2015

This year I participated in the Dragon Boat Festival as a rower for one of the boats under Community Division Racing representing the company I work for. We had a total of 63 boats participated as part of this race. All amateur teams who would have no more than 2 practices prior to the race and 90%of them are non-professional rowers. We all come from different Companies / Hospitals / Fire & Police or Schools in and around Hartford, CT are that would have been one way or the other contributed towards this festival. It was such a thrilling experience even though we did not get a medal. We were really really happy at our performance considering everyone on the boat were first-timers and we all are revved to participate again next year, this time to win. :)

What better song than the famous one that has become an anthem for the Kerala Boat Race otherwise called as Vallam Kali that is held annually during the festival on Onam in Kerala, India. The song is in Malayalam language that I don’t understand but the beats are so filled with power which is why it is so perfect for the boat race. You need the beat to pull the power, row and push it forward.

The song is titled Kuttanadan Punchayile and this version is performed by Ft. Stephen Devassy & The Solid Band.

However the original version was Sung by K. J. Yesudas for the 1967 Malayalam movie Kavalam Chundan. Music composed by G. Devarajan and Lyrics penned by Vayalar Ramavarma

Lyrics in Romanized Malayalam: (I just copied it from Google. If there are mistakes, I apologize for it)

Kuttanadan Punchayile
Kochupenne Kuyilali
Kottu Venam, Kuzhal Vanam
Kurava Venam

Oh Thithi Thara Thithi Thara Thithey Thaka They They Tho

Para Kettan Alu Venam
Kodi Thoranangal Venam
Vijayashree Lalitharay
Varunnu Njangal

Oh.Thithi Thara....Thithey Thaka They They Tho

Karutha Chirakulloru
Arayannathe Pole
Kuthichu Kuthichu Payum
Kuthira Pole.
Oh.Thithi Thara....Thithey Thaka They They Thom
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