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Book Critique 2015 – Traveling Man

Prologue: Go here.

When I ordered a book by Nora Roberts online, I was sent this book by Elizabeth Lowell by mistake. I wonder how the book store owner mistook one author for the other, when the titles were also not same. Never the less, since I got the book, I didn’t have a mind to just donate it without reading nor return it (return shipping was costing me). So, what did I do? I simply read it.

Having never read her book before, it was a journey for me in not only knowing the characters, but also her writing style thru this book first published in 1985. The story is smooth, with few rough edges or violence. Characters are strong and have been played well all thru. Not a sizzling romance, yet it kept me going till the end. Although a few chapters were very very descriptive that I could not keep up with my imagination and the story-line. I had to read them again for some parts, with not much regret. Later I realized that I could have skipped those chapters happily without missing the actual plot.

If I can summarize the story in a few lines, this is what it would be: Shelly Wilde spent years to forget her pain of betrayal and divorce, before she builds a career decorating other’s houses in the process making a home herself – secure, but alone. Cain Remington is the Traveling Man who doesn’t have a passion for settling at one place as he sees the world as his home. When they meet, sparks sizzle that reminds one of two rams locking horns rather than two lovers recognizing each other. As Shelly gilds Cain’s home, she learns more of him that slows turns the sparks of war towards love. Although Cain does have a tendency to be shameless that catches the war fire again.  As long as Shelly had known she craved for a home to live in, a place where she would know everyone and everything. She fears Cain as much as she loves him as he threatens her home that she made with his enormous passion to share the world with her. Although Cain recognizes her as his partner, equal in every way, he has to work hard to chip thru her bubble in the process building a life. And Shelly has to learn to find a home in his arms rather than between the walls and under a roof.

I liked the story-line and the contrasting idea of home. However, I was surprised to find the ending very very similar to what Nora Roberts had in her book Rules Of The Game first published in 1984. Both the stories started differently but ended at the same juncture. I wonder if the latter book’s ending was inspired (using the word very mildly) but the former book. A question only the author can answer.

I have been unable to find this book on GoodReads.com or anywhere else though.
Updated 3/29/2020: I found the book on Goodreads now.
Instead there is another book of hers titled Where The Heart Is which was published in 1997 that seems to be a rewrite of the original book. I have yet to read that book to see for myself.
An easy ready if you are looking for a quick finish and if you can find this book.As for me picking up another Elizabeth Lowell book, perhaps I will when I need a break from my usual reads. J
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