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Magic In Tunes: 07/10/2015 – Baahubali: The Beginning

Everyone I know have watched this movie, Baahubali: The Beginning ( = The One With Strong Arms) in one of the languages it was made (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam) and so did I. My review is for the Telugu version of the movie. It is indeed an epic and a master creation by S. S. Rajamouli. Hats off to him to create his vision into something splendid and breathtaking. He has selected the actors also to live the characters so well that you forget they are actors and see the characters for real. (Oh well, except for Tamannaah, although I must say this was her first movie I saw more meat in her role than her skin).

A historical story spanning three generations that includes love, treachery, wisdom and hate weaving between these myriad of characters. Prabhas shows off his strength of the character with this tall muscular figure transforming easily into the character Shivudu. While Rana Daggubati comes off as the desirable anti-hero yet with the edge of violence in his role as Bhallala Deva. Anushka’s role has yet to blossom and I wonder what the end result of Tamannaah’s character would be other than being the hero’s aspiration (have to wait for the conclusion). Sathyaraj is so fit for the role of Kattappa, although he certainly is not the same Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram from the 2013 hit Hindi film Chennai Express.

Ramya Krishnan was a pleasant surprise in her role as Sivagami (Rajamata) reminding me of her role as Nilambari in the 1999 Tamil movie Padayappa (  = Name of a Boy) dubbed in Telugu as Narasimha ( = Name of a Boy). However, I cannot think of any other person who could have done it better. Finally Nassar as Bijjala Deva, husband to Sivagami with an ailment has perfected his role that is so close to Dritharashtra from Mahabharatha. Don’t forget the foreign king, Kalakeya, with this weird language that gives shivers up your spine with something creepy crawling under your skin. I am not sure who played the role but he lived it excellently. Apart from the characters the movie has tremendous visual effects, cinematography and editing. No wonder it is the most expensive production in Indian Film Industry.

S. S. Rajamouli created a new trend in Indian films of making an entire movie at once and releasing it in parts similar to what Peter Jackson did with The Lord of The Rings. Also his new methodology of the visual effects sets the film apart. For such an epic movie that seems flawless does with come a flaw. Its music. Surprisingly enough, compared to his earlier movies, does not have the usual catchy numbers or melodious tunes. Even though they have been composed by the legendery M. M. Keeravani. All thru the movie I wondered why it was so until I realized that it could be because of the lyrics. Needless to say the Lyrics were written by a myriad of writers and perhaps that could be the downfall. Yet, not is all lost. I did still like one or two songs, of which below is one of them.

Indeed an epic movie that commands a salute. This was just the beginning and I am ready to see its conclusion next year.

"Nippule Swasaga Gundelo Aashaga" Sung by M. M. Keeravani. Lyrics penned by Inaganti Sundar.

Lyrics in Romanized Telugu:

Nippuley Shwaasaga Gundelo Aashaga, Tharatharaala Edhuru Choopulo
Aaviraina Nee Kanneellu, Aanavallu Ee Sankellu
Raajayama Uliki Padu

Maahishmathi Samrajyam, Asmaakam Ajeyam
Aa Surya Chandra Thaara, Vardhathaam Abhi Vardhathaam

Dhurbhedhyam Dhurnereekshyam, Sarva Shathru Bhayan Karam
Ashvachathuranga Sainyam, Vijayadhaam Dhig Vijayadhaaam

Ekadhura Dhiga Madhur Dhey, Bhavathey Yasyaveekshanam
Thasya Seersham Khadga Chinnam, Thathadha Rana Bhoothaye

Maahishmathi Gaganasheele, Dhuraajathe Niranjatham
Asvadhvayaadityam, Nihasvarna Simhasana Dhvajam
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