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Magic In Tunes: 07/01/2015 – Feel My Love

Whenever I listen to this song, I am amazed at the intelligence of the character. He wants the girl of his interest to feel his love as if it were anger, hate, cure, crime, distance or even as a heavy burden. In whatever negative feeling she has towards him, he wants her to feel his love in that. In essence he is forcing the girl to think of him at every waking moment and every sleeping second. Clever, immensely clever. Of course, all the praise goes to the lyricist in reality. :)

From the 2004 hit Telugu film Arya ( = Name of a Boy) Sung by KK and Clinton Cerejo. Music composed by Devi Sri Prasad and Lyrics penned by Chandrabose. I have to add though that every single song in this movie has been a super hit.

Lyrics in Romanized Telugu:

Na Premanu Kopam Gano, Na Premanu Dwesham Gano
Na Premanu Sapam Gano, Cheliya Feel My Love
Na Premanu Bharam Gano, Na Premanu Duram Gano
Na Premanu Neram Gano, Sakhiya Feel My Love
Na Premanu Mounam Gano, Na Premanu Heenam Gano
Na Premanu Sunyam Gano, Kado Ledo Edo
(Feel My Love) - 5
(Na Premanu Kopam Gano Na Premanu Dwesham Gano) - 2
Cheliya Feel My Love

Nenicche Lekhalanni Chinchestuu Feel My Love
Ne Pampe Puvvulane Visirestu Feel My Love
Ne Cheppe Kavitalanni Chii Kodutu Feel My Love
Ne Chillpi Cheshtalake Visgoste Feel My Love
Na Uluke Nacchadantu Na uhe Radani
NeNante Gittadu Antu Na Mate Chedani
Na Jante Cheranantu Antu Anukuntune Feel My Love

Yerupekki Chostuni Kallara Feel My Love
Yedoti Tidutune Norara Feel My Love
Vidilinchi Kodutune Cheyara  Feel My Love
Vadilesi Velutune Adudara Feel My Love
Adugulake Alasatoste Chetiki Sramaperigite
Kannulake Kunuku Vaste Pedavula Palukagite
Aa PaiNa Okka Sari Hrudayam Antu Neekokatunte Feel My Love
(Feel My Love) - 4
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