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Magic In Tunes: 05/08/2015 – Meghaalalo Telipommannadi…Beat In My Heart

This feel good melody is from the 1995 musical hit Telugu film Gulabi ( = Rose) Sung by Mano and Gayathri. Music composed by Sasi Preetam and Lyrics penned by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry. The movie though a musical one, deals with one of the biggest social evils we have currently facing everywhere (have been facing from the caveman’s age perhaps with no resolution) – smuggling of girls. However, today I am not thinking about the social evil (very selfish of me. :)), am only thinking of the beat in this song that truly makes me want to float on those clouds of tunes, just float and forget the world around me.

PS: Need to add this to my list of songs I use for running; the last notes of just a heart beat are enough for me to complete that last 0.2 miles that sometimes are really tough to finish. And Oh, next time I have to take a ride on a motorbike and feel the wind in my hair…don’t remember if I ever had been on a motorbike till now. :)

Lyrics in Romanized Telugu:

Meghaalalo Telipommannadi, Toofaanula Regi Pommannadi
Ammaayito Saagutu Chilipi Madii

Beat In My Heart Endukinta Kottukundi, Beat In My Heart Ventapadi Chikkukundi
Oh My God Emitintha Kothagunnadii
Beat In My Heart Endukita Kottutundi, Beat In My Heart Ventapadi Chikkukundi
Oh My God Emitintha Kothagunnadii

Hello Pilla Antu Aakatayi Aanandaalu, Aalapistuvunte Swaagataala Sangeetaalu
Aadaga Nemali Teeruga Manasu Ghal Ghal Ghallu Mani
Aakaasaanne Haddu Paavuraayi Paapayiki, Aage Maate Vaddu Andamaina Vanneliki
Maaraga Varada Horugaa Vayasu Jhal Jhal Jhallu Mani

Om Namaha Vacchipadu Oohalaku, Om Namaha Kalluveedu Aasalaku
Om Namaha Ishtamaina Alajadikeeeeeee…

Recchi Recchi Undi Recchipoyi Picchekkenu, Vaddantunna Vinde Vinduvanti Chinde Eedu
Guvvala Rivvu Rivvuna Yavvanam Etu Potundi
Pattaleka Eedu Nannu Mecchukuntundi Eedu, Pandemvestaa Choodu Pattaleru Nannevvadu
Antaga Beduru Enduku Manaku Edurinkemundi

Nee Tarahaa Kompa Munchetatte Vundi, Naa Salahaa Aalapiste Safty Vundi
Enti Mahaa Anta Joru Taggu Nemmadi

Beat In My Heart Enduku Inta Kotutundi, Beat In My Heart Ventapadi Chikkukundi
Oh My God Emitinta Kottagunnadi
Beat In My Heart, Beat In My Heart, Oh My God
Tags: exercise, magic in tunes, marathon, music, running, telugu, workout

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