Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Magic In Tunes: 05/04/2015 – Moon River

The May month moon is called as Full Flower Moon as the season is full of fertility, new growth bringing in Spring in abundance. At least in this part of the hemisphere this is spring. Not sure if there are any such kind of names in the opposite side of the world.

Here is a song from the 1961 American hit comedy film Breakfast At Tiffany’s that Audrey Hepburn sings so melodiously even though she is in grief. It’s a sad one, but it struck a chord in me when I first heard. Hence picked it for this month’s Full Moon Day. Music composed by Henry Mancini and Lyrics penned by Johnny Mercer.

Lyrics in English:

Moon River, Wider Than A Mile
I'm Crossing You In Style Some Day
Oh Dream Maker, You Heart Breaker
Wherever You're Going, I'm Going Your Way

Two Drifters Off To See The World
There's Such A Lot Of World To See
We're After The Same Rainbow's End
Waiting 'Round The Bend, My Huckleberry Friend
Moon River And Me
Tags: english, magic in tunes, music, nature

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