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Magic In Tunes: 04/14/2015 – Flute Melody / Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat

Hero was the 1983 hit Hindi blockbuster that made the lead actors Jackie Shroff and the 1981 Miss India Meenakshi Sheshadri overnight sensations. A love story with a twist, some powerful lines and beautiful music were a few reasons for the movie to be a hit. Incidentally Hero was NOT Jackie Shroff’s debut movie, but it was his first hit.

There was this haunting flute melody that Jackie Shroff played all thru the movie that I believe hadn’t left my brain even now.  Here’s that tune, listen for yourself.

I remember almost all of the songs, but when browsing for this post I came across this Qawwali from the movie, which I don’t remember at all. It was Sung by Suresh Wadkar and Lata Mangeshkar. Music composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal and Lyrics penned by Anand Bakshi.

Lyrics in Romanized Hindi:

(Kayamat Hain Yeh, Najakat Hain Yeh
 Shararat Hain Yeh, Shikayat Hain Yeh) - (2)
 (Sharafat Hain Yeh, Adawat Hain Yeh
 Inayat Hain Yeh, Ibadat Hain Yeh) - (2)
 Shikayat Sharafat Adawat Inayat Ibadat Bagawat
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (4)
 Mohabbat - (4)
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (2)

Jindagee Kee Shan Hai Yeh -2, Aadmee Kee Jan Hai
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (2)
 Kehne Ko Shabnam Kaa Katra, Katre Me Tufan Hain
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (2)

Isse Jo Takrayega - (2)
 Woh Bahut Pachhtayega -2, Tut Kar Reh Jayega Reh Jayega
 Rasta Iska Jo Roke -2, Woh Bada Nadan Hain
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (2)

 Dil Kaa Matlab Ishk Hai -2
 Kuchh Nahee Sab Ishk Hai -2, Rab Hai Kya Rab Ishk Hai Rab Ishk Hai
 Bas Woh Dil Ghar Hai Khuda Kaa - (2)
 Jisame Yeh Mehman Hai - (2)
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (2)

 Koyee Kitna Ho Garib - (2)
 Pyar Jisko Hai Nasib -2, Woh Bada Hai Khushnasib
 Jisakee Kismat Me Nahee -2, Khak Woh Insan Hain
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (2)
 Jindagee Kee Shan Hai Yeh, Aadmee Kee Jan Hai
 Mohabbat Yeh Mohabbat - (2)
Tags: hindi, magic in tunes, music

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