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Magic In Tunes: 04/12/2015 – Jamie Lee Curtis in the detective series Columbo

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I was watching a re-run of the Columbo series' 1977 episode The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case on TV a couple days ago. In one of the scene where Columbo meets one of the suspects in the cafeteria, you see a young Jamie Lee Curtis working there as a waitress. And damn strict she is and very cute. Per Wiki this is her first role as an actress but I do remember seeing her in another TV show as well where she had just one line. It took a while to remember, but IMDB helped. She was on a 1977 episode “Visitors in Paraside” from the Quincy M. E. series. I remember mentioning about this series in a different post though here.

Anyways, here’s the episode where you get to see Jamie Lee Curtis. Check at 47:10 and I am sure you will like it. Check in the beginning of this link to see her in Columbo tv show.

prashanthchengi: BTW, I see that youtube has several of Columbo episodes. Check them out, although some are fuzzy so sift thru them and watch. Enjoy!!!

And here is her one-line role in Quincy. Check at 17:14, she is the girl in the dressing room. And she has another line at 19:04 which I just noticed.

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