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Magic in Tunes: 03/05/2015 – Ee Duryodhana Dhushasana Durvineetha Lokamlo

All day today on FB I have been seeing posts and comments related to the youtube video “India’s Daughter” that went viral because of being banned to watch in India. It’s a BBC documentary about the Delhi Gang-Rape that happened in Dec 2012. Why is it being banned is a different topic of conversation? What is the crux is nothing has changed for a woman there? Atrocities that have been imposed on women from the beginning of time still happen. Some fight for justice, some get sacrified, some just endure and mostly the rest ignore, walk-away or bring in ridiculous rules that just ties a woman down more.

But I don’t see anything happening that truly actually protects or works for the woman. Every administration talks about justice, equality, rights and safety. But in the end nothing materializes and we move on. I believe this is not just in India. Hollywood movie, “Taken” showed the amazing network the human sex-slave organization has where they ship the girls in a matter of hours without any trace. Lucky that Liam Neeson had so much network and a former government operative that he could rescue his daughter. Why don’t we have the same kind of network of safety? So also the recent Hindi movie “Mardaani” ( = The Manly She) outlines the story of a female police officer who fights the kingpin dealing in child-trafficking and eventually saves the girl she was bringing up along with other girls. Not everyone are that lucky like the parents of those 300 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped right in front of their eyes. Not heard of anyone being found, wonder how many even are alive.

The stories go on and on and on, some are brought to light and some are not. Its not just rape or sex slave or child trafficking. Its about those little things and big things that are done to a woman in the name of religion, rules, dowry, domination, money or power. There is a famous quote by Gandhiji - The day a woman can walk freely at midnight on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence. Forget about midnight, woman is not safe during broad daylight the way crimes are going on now. In a world where queens like Draupadi (Pandava’s wife) and Sita (Lord Rama’s wife) couldn’t be protected, is it any wonder that no hope seems to be around for a common woman to be protected?

Veturi, famous Telugu Lyricist, had mentioned in one of his song:

Navashaktulu Yuva Shaktulu Nirveeryam Avutunte
Yemaipotundi Sabhya Samajam
Yemaipotundi Manava Dharmam

If the the new power and fresh talent of the next generation gets disposed off
What will be the future of this cultured society?
What will be the future of humanity?

Very sad, Veturi, its been 30 years since this song has been born from your pem, yet there is little change in the society. :(

From the 1985 hit Telugu movie Prathighatana ( = Protest) Sung by S. Janaki. Music composed by Chakravarthy to the Lyrics penned by Veturi Sundarama Murthy. Every line in this song is so powerful that it needs a translation of its own. Veturi has related the incident in the movie (the actress who is a professor gets disrobed in public by the local don as she fights against his crimes and when she returns to the college the next day the male students insult her by drawing vulgar pictures on board) to the Draupadi’s disrobing incident in Mahabharatam (considered the fifth Veda). He also warns the men that they are inadvertently insulting their own mothers and sisters and finally ends with a question about the future of humanity.

Lyrics in Romanized Telugu along with Explanation:

Ee Duryodhana Dushasana Durvineetha Lokamlo
Raktaashrulu Chindistu Rastunnaa Shokamto

In the world with rulers such as Duryodhana, Dushasana (Both from the epic Mahabharata) and Durvineetha
Shedding blood tears I am writing this with immense grief

Maro Mahabharatam Aarava Vedam
Maanabhanga Parvamlo, Mathru Hrudaya Nirvedam, Nirvedam

Another Mahabharata, 6th Vedam (Mahabharatam is considered as the fifth Veda)
The chapter of rape, with a despair heart of mother

Draupadi Vastrabhaharanam ( = The dirobement of Draupadi) is the chapter that Veturi is alluding to. Draupadi’s husband Yudhishtira loses her to his cousins Kaurava in a gamble of dice. Duryodhana, the eldest Kaurava orders her to be brought to the king’s court and disrobed. His brother Dushasana brings her and starts her disrobement while Draupadi cries and implores for help. All of her five husbands don’t help as they are lost to Duryodhana as slaves in the same game. Nor the King or courtiers help her. In the end she pleads to Lord Krishna who saves her and protects her dignity.

Veturi uses this incident in the song as the heroine also comes out of a similar incident, unfortunately for her there was no Lord Krishna to save her. And that is what she will be writing in her new Mahabharata with a despair heart.

Pudutune Paalakedchi, Putti Jampalakedchi
Perigi Pedda Kaaagane Muddu Muripalakedchi
Tanuvanthaa Dochukunna Tanayulu Meeru

As soon as the kid is born, he cries for mother’s milk. As he grows he cries for him to be taken care of
And as an adult he craves for the attention and love of a woman
This way the men of the world exploited (her body) the women from their birth.

Magasirito Bratakaleka Keechakulai
Kutila Kaama Nechakulai Stree Jatini Avamaaniste
Mee Ammala Sthanyamto Mee Akkala Raktamto
Rangarinchi Raastunna Eenaade Meekosam

If you cannot live with your manhood and become Keechakas
And with your pervasive desire you insult the entire womankind
With your Mother’s breast milk and your Sister’s blood
I create a unique ink and write this just for you all

Keechaka was another character from the epic Mahabharata. He is the brother-in-law to King Virat who had given refuge to the Pandavas when they where hiding in disguise. Draupadi serves as Queen Sudeshna’s head female servant. Keechaka madly desires Draupadi and pursues her. When he tried to kiss her, she throws him down and runs while Keechaka pursues her into the courtroom. There again she gets insulted instead of protected. Neither King Virat nor her husband Yudhishtira who was serving as the King’s primary aide. Insulted she approaches her second husband Bheema who was serving as the head cook. Together they hatch a plan that culminates in the death of Keechaka in the hands of Bheema.

Maro Mahabharatam Aarava Vedam
Maanabhanga Parvamlo, Maathru Hrudaya Nirvedam, Nirvedam

Another Mahabharata, 6th Vedam (Mahabharatam is considered as the fifth Veda)
The chapter of rape, with a despair heart of mother

Kanna Maha Papaniki Aadadi Talliga Mari, Nee Kandalu Penchinadi Gundelato Kaada
Yerrani Tana Raktanne Tellani Nethuru Chesi, Penchukunna Thalli Oka Aadadani Marichaara

By giving you birth a woman turned to a mother, Did you forget that she fed you from her breast and made you into a man?
The one who turned red blood into white milk to raise you, that mother is also a woman?

Kanapadaleda Akkada Papaluga Mee Charithra, Yenaado Meerunchina Letha Pedavi Mudra
Prati Bharata Sathi Maanam Chandramati Maangalyam

How did you forget your childhood (At the same spot where you drew those indecent pictures), And where you had placed your tender lips (as a baby)?
Every Indian woman’s dignity is Chandramati’s Mangalyam

Here Veturi takes another mythological illustration of Chandramati. Mangalyam or Mangalsutram is the thread that a Hindu woman wears around her neck as a symbol of marriage. It is said that Chandramati’s Mangalyam was seen only to her husband. Here Veturi is illustrating that a woman’s dignity is as powerful as Chandramati’s Mangalyam and is only towards her husband. Her feelings and dignity should be respected.

Marma Sthanam Kaadadi Nee Janma Sthanam, Maanavataki Mokshamichu Punyakshetram

Its not a secret place but its your birth place, a holy place that liberates the entire humanity

In the song you can see that there are drawings on board of a woman’s private parts exposed. Per the scene Veturi alludes that those are not places kept secret for your amusement or for your insult, but it’s a place from where you were born to. And so also the entire humanity.

Shishuvuluga Meru Putti Pashuvuluga Marithe, Manava Rupamlone Danavulai Perigite
Sabhyataki Samskrutiki Samaadhule Kadithe

Though born as humans if you turn into animals, Growing up as monsters in human form
And if you build a tomb to the culture and civilization

Kannulundi Choodaleni Drutharaashtrula Paalanalo, Bharthalundi Vidhava Aina Draupadi Aakrandanalo

With rulers blind as Drutharashtra ruling, In the woes of Draupadi widowed despite husbands

Here Veturi is again going back to Mahabharata. Drutharashtra was the blind-king and father of the Kauravas. He was not only blind physically but he was blind towards the atrocities his sons had committed towards Pandavas esp Draupadi – all in the name of his blind love towards Duryodhana, his eldest son. Draupadi even though had five husbands was attempted to be disrobed in one court, almost raped and insulted in another court as her husbands stayed helpless making her feel widowed. It is a similar situation now where the society has gone blind to woman’s troubles and the women become widowed devoid of protection.

Navashaktulu Yuva Shaktulu Nirveeryam Avutunte
Yemaipotundi Sabhya Samajam, Yemaipotundi Manava Dharmam
Yemaipotundi Ee Bharata Desham, Mana Bharata Desham Mana Bharata Desham

If the the new power and fresh talent of the next generation gets disposed off
What will be the future of this cultured society?, What will be the future of humanity?
What will be the future of India? Our India, Our India
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