Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Magic in Tunes: 03/01/2015: Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Yes, we have gotten quite a bit of snow and the past month has been brutal with its cold fingers on all of us. Yet, I love the different seasons I get to see here in the New England regions and love every single day of it here. I don’t know if I would trade to live in another place for now. **Cheeky Grin**

To all these beautiful winters that I got to see, here’s a beautiful number by Richard Himber and Hotel Ritz-Carlton Orchestra. Song was written by Richard B. Smith and Music composed by Felix Bernard in 1934. Although it has come to be a traditional Christmas / Winter song and sung by many singers, the first known recording was by Richard Himber. Perfect for another snowy night here.

Few more tidbits on the song:
1) The original singer didn’t have the last stanza while some of the subsequent versions had them.
2) As I mentioned above, this song has been sung by over 200 singers. Here is a version sung by Dean Martin where the last stanza is heard.

3) Here’s a Frank Sinatra version

4) Lyrics in English

Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?
In The Lane, Snow Is Glistening.
A Beautiful Sight, We're Happy Tonight
Walking In A Winter Wonderland.

Gone Away, Is The Bluebird
Here To Stay, Is A New Bird.
He Sings A Love Song, As We Go Along,
Walking In A Winter Wonderland.

In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman,
And Pretend That He Is Parson Brown.
He'll Say Are You Married? We'll Say "No Man,
But You Can Do The Job When You're In Town."

Later On, We'll Conspire,
As We Dream, By The Fire
To Face Unafraid, The Plans That We've Made
Walking In A Winter Wonderland.

In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman,
And Pretend That He's A Circus Clown.
We'll Have Lots Of Fun With Mr. Snowman.
Until The Other Kids Come Knock Him Down.

When It's Cold, Ain't It Thrilling
When Your Nose, Gets To Chilling.
We'll Frolic And Play, The Eskimo Way,
Walking In A Winter Wonderland.
Walking In A Winter Wonderland!
Tags: english, magic in tunes, music, seasons, snow, winter

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