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Magic in Tunes: 02/19/2015 – Clone yourself five times, simple!!! ;)

A friend of mine at work was saying that he has five meetings to attend at the same time and he is in confusion as to what to attend. Scheduling someone for five meetings at a time…well that rant is for another topic. Coming back to the topic, when he was contemplating what to do, I told him about this Telugu song pictured on N. T. Ramarao where he clones himself into four more times to get five of him selves and then plays the musical instruments to break the curse of a Rishi. Hearing this my friend just rolled into a laugh and mentioned that he was glad he spoke to me…he has now decided which one to go to.  Well, always glad to help. **Wicked Grin**.  Now back to the song.

From the 1961 hit movie Jagadeka Veeruni Katha ( = The Story Of a Hero who won the World) titled “Shivashankari Shivanandalahari” Sung by Ghantasala. Music composed by Pendyala Nageswara Rao to the Lyrics penned by Pingali Nagendra Rao.

The song is of particular interest because the lead actor NTR plays five roles in the same song to release the other guy out of a curse. The rule is that one person has to play all the instruments at the same time and sing the song. To get him as five different people instead of using the dupes, they pictured the song five times (where required) with one role each time played by NTR then mixing the films. Quite a feat it was for that era.

Lyrics in Romanized Telugu:

Siva Sankari
Siva Sankari Sivaananda Lahari
Sivasankari Sivaananda Lahari
Sivasankari Sivaananda Lahari

Chandra Kalaadhari Eesvari Aaa
Chandra Kalaadhari Eesvari
Karunaamrutamunu Kuriyajeyumaa
Manasu Karugagaa Mahima Choopavaa Deenapaalanamu Seyave

Siva Sankari Sivaananda Lahari Siva Sankari
Siva Sankari Sivaananda Lahari Sivaananda Lahari Siva Sankari
Siva Sankari Sivaananda Lahari Siva Sankari
Siva Sankari Sivaananda Lahari Siva Sankari

Chandra Kalaadhari Eesvari
Ririsanidanisa Mapadanisa Danisa Danisadanisa
Chandra Kalaadhari Eesvari
Niri Sanipamadaa Rigapaa
Riri Nisa Rimapadaa Mapaniri Nisadapa
Chandra Kalaadhari Eesvari
Danisa Mapadanisa Sarigama Rimapani Danisa
Mapaniri Sarinisa Danipa Mapanisari Risarigaa Nanee
Pani Panimapa Gama Pani Panimapa Gama
Ganisaa Sarimapanidaanisa Sarimapanidaanisa Sarimapanidaanisa
Chandra Kalaadhari Eesvari
Chandra Kalaadhari Eesvari

Sivasankari Aaa

Tom Tom Tom Diritom Diritom Diritom Diritom Tritriyana Daritom
Diriditom Diriditom Diriditom Paariyaana
Diri Diritom Tom Diridiritom Tom Tom Diridiritom Diridiritom Diridiri Taka Diritom
Diri Diri Diri Diri Diri Diri Naandiri Diri Diri Diri Diri Diri Diri Naandiri Diri
Diri Diritom Diri Diri Naandiri Diri Diri Diri Diritom
Nininininini Daninidaninini Pasasanigasadasanini Niriri Sariri Saninani

Sagaga Ridaganisa Sanini Sani
Nisasa Nisasa Nida Danini Danini Dapa
Riri Dada Daganini Riridada Dagariri Dagariri Riridada Hanigini Gadadada
Reerireeri Ninini Reeriri Ninini Gaagagaga Ninini Reereereedamaa
Rimani Danisa Nanisa Mapamareegaa
Sarigapa Mapamama Sarigapa Panimapa Sarigapa Panimapasarimapa Panimapamapamapanidada
Gamagadaneesa Magamagadaneesamagamagadaneesamamama
Sasasa Gagana Ninini Sasasa Ririri Sari Sani Saa Aaaa
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