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Magic in Tunes: 01/23/2015 - Sagar Kinare Saanj Sawere

From the 1985 hit Hindi movie Sagar, Sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Music composed by R. D. Burman to the Lyrics penned by Javed Akhtar.

I had listened to all the songs from this movie before, but never knew about this version. There is a happy version of the song in the movie which normally is what one listens to. I had posted a series of songs under the title “Mixed Mood Song” a while ago ( = A song played in the same movie twice with two different moods.) This song would be perfect for that series.

Few more tidbits:

  1. Sagar was the second movie for Dimple Kapadia. First movie was the 1973 hit movie Bobby.

  2. She married Rajesh Khanna immediately after the success of Bobby and had been away from screen.

  3. Interesting enough she was paired with Rishi Kapoor in Sagar who happened to be  her co-star in Bobby as well.

Lyrics in Romanized Hindi for the sad version:

aah aah.. ho ho oh

oh saagar kinare, saanj savere

halke ujhale, halke andheren

kyun hai duriyan, kya hi majboriyan?

dil jo pooche kya kahoon?

gham ki gheriyan, aisi tanhayian,

haaye kaise mein sahoon?

tu nahi paas toh, kya mere paas hai

ek hi qawab hai, ek hi aas hai

teri hi yaadein, teri hi baatein

beetein na ye din, beeten na raaten

teri deewani kabse soyi nahi hai

saagar kinare dil ye pukaare, tu jo

nahi toh mera koi nahi hai ho ho

saagar kinare..

Now for the happy version of the song:

Lyrics in Romanizd Hindi:

Saagar kinare dil yeh pukaare, tu jo nahee toh meraa koyee nahee hai

Jaage najaare jaagee havaaye, jab pyaar jaaga jaagee fijaaye

Pal bhar ko dil kee duniya soyee nahee hai

Saagar kinare dil yeh pukaare

Leharo pe naache kirno kee pariya

Mai khoyee jaise saagar me nadiya

Tu hee akelee toh khoyee nahee hai

Saagar kinare dil yeh pukaare

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