Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Magic in Tunes: 01/08/2015 – English is certainly a funny language

A while ago, a very very while ago (Yeah!! ;),  I had a conversation regarding English that reminded me of this Tex Avery’s cartoon, called "Symphony In Slang", that I saw quite a long time ago (reminds me of that I need to get back to my search on THAT Mickey Mouse comic that I have been looking for quite some time). Certainly gives a new meaning to English language when one imagines the words like “painting the town red” or “raising a big stink” or “raining cats and dogs” in sight gags. I literally “died laughing” too. :P Well, will someone be joining me? ;)

prashanthchengi, this is for you!!!

Unfortunately Youtube doesnt have the complete video and embed information of other sites is not working. If you want to see it fully, check here: http://vimeo.com/100989067

When I was writing the title for this post, it reminded me of this scene from 1982 Hindi hit movie Namak Halal where Amitabh Bachchan baffles Ranjeet with the little English that he knows. He speaks so smoothly one wouldn’t guess that he was talking in pure Hindi a few seconds before. Enjoy the scene!!!

Tags: cartoons, english, hindi, magic in tunes, movies

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