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Talcott Mountain / Heublein Tower

Talcott Mountain is the backdrop of the offices of this location where I work. Driving past yesterday I saw the colors were in full bloom and stopped by first to take the snapshot of the mountain from afar. Then I decided to take an impromptu hike up the mountain and eventually up the tower. Little did I know that I would find so much beauty from top. I wonder why I hadnt hiked up the three years I had worked in this locaiton.

View of the mountain from afar:


The hike up the mountain is a total of 1.25 miles most of it steep, yet with lush green around. One of the roads that I look.


There were several benches created of fallen wood all thru the way...some very rustic as this one.


At one point the mountain flattens and suddenly the world opens in front of you. Apt for pictures and also to sit and relax after the steep hike befor continuing. Almost feels like you are sitting at the edge of the world watching it fly by.


Then we come to a large patch of land with beautiful view on this side of the mountain. We will get to it later but first we need to see the Tower.

The Heublein Tower was built by Gilbert Heublein as a gift to his fiancee. It took almost 40 years for him to get it built, but he finally made it their family home. Ofcourse being the manufacturer of A1 Steak Sauce and Smirnoff Vodka, he would have had enough resources to spend as well. Here is a glimpse of the tower as we approach it.


The only way to go up is thru the 1.25 mile hike. I wonder how they went up and came down frequently...perhaps used horse carriages. They did have a hoard of servants to help them out with one family that lived and maintained the tower during winters. the view from atop is really amazing, and I can see how they would want to stay up there...but still I would love to have some kind of commute to go up before I decide to stay there. :)


The Tower is 165 feet tall and the way to the Observation Deck at the top of the tower is thru the 110 steps. These steps were a recent addition, after when the restoration project kickedoff. When the original owners recided there, they had elevators but they have long since removed.

From the observation deck one could see four states in the distant and view that crosses seven dozen miles. A few below. Here Springfield, MA on the North side (little buildings in the far).


Downtown Hartford on the East.


In May 1950 when Dwight D. Eisenhower was nominated for President, there was a party thrown up at the tower for which they constructed this Barbecue Fire Pit. I wonder how much meat they cooked in there...certainly can cook a giant. :P


There were so many kinds of flora and fauna around, however, I was surpised to see the enormous number of beetles there. They didnt bite but were really large in number...settling everywhere..even in your hair.


Despite these, the view from the steps and the simplicity in the architecture charmed me much.



While coming back down I stopped at the flat ridge that had the beautiful lookout of the West side of the mountain. From here, we can see the rooftops and parking lot of the company I work for. It doesnt seem to be too far down, but believe me it was way down there. :) First time seeing from the other side since I have been looking at this mountain for past three years. :P


Riot of colors along the ridge and the entire side of the mountain.


And then the sun started to set...it was cloudy so couldnt capture the actual sunset but this was the closest I could.


And finally I started down again...a very impromptu and fruitful hike. Loved the colors...and I might go back up again to capture sunset on a noncloudy day. :)
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