Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Imagine Main Street Runners ART Parade

Every  year I see something different done to the decor of the downtown of the city I live in. This year it was two ART projects brought by Imagine Main Street: 1) ART Bench Project 2) Runners ART Parade. Very innovative and interesting art work from some really talented artists.

Being a runner myself, I appreciated the artwork depicting running. It was thrilling to see someone considering an athlete for their piece.

Here are a few works of art that I came across in the Runners ART Parade category, starting with my favorite.

Together We Are Run by Kathleen O'Neil: A very unique idea again. And true to the spirit of runners, doesnt matter who you are or where you are from or what color / gender / race you are, we all become one when we run. I simply loved this a lot.


Check out the details on every singe side of this runner, so many images that bring all under one roof.





On the leg:


On the hip:


On the arm:


On the back of the leg:


Simply interesting, isnt it!!!

Manchester Cacophonous by the Sandbox Arts Collective
- This is an interesting idea...to show a giraffe clubbed with a human face.


It also comes with a small mailbox in it's center. I didnt know Giraffes had pouches, I thought that was Kangaroos. :P


Run the Good Race by Whitney Wood Rahm: Another runner that shows that all are one. Although he could pass on for someone from Blue Man Group. He he he... :P



Amby by Joan and Bill Schwarz: This simply meant "run" for me...not sure thats what the artists had in mind though.


Silktown Joggernaut by Chris Huestis and Jordan Smith: Another Blue Man Group potential perhaps. And I remember these artists did one of the benches too (Your Move was their work)...impressive work.


Run for Equality - Gay Pride by Stella Bizan Malota


Quest for Tradition by Quron Brown


Finally this Seeded Runner by the Manchester Garden Club: She was only runner who was shown with her right leg backward where as all the other runners had their left leg backward. I found that very interesting.


And what charmed me more where her eyes...depicted with flowers. How cute is it.


And that's all for this year. Looking forward to see what the next year's theme would be. Go Run!!!
Tags: artwork, events, exercise, running

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